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Your initial impressions are still very valuable to me. I'm very into melee and surrounded by people very into melee, so it's not always easy to get that perspective. I want to broaden the audience for the game whilst keeping the mechanics true to melee.

Yes everything is like melee, the character is pretty much a mashup of a few different melee characters.

Thank you again for playing, and yes I hope to make the combat much more interesting than whats in this demo

Hey thanks for playing the game. All the mechanics in the game are near identical to Melee, including the 2 jump heights, the walk and dash difference and importantly the lack of an input buffer. This design is quite unforgiving and has a steep learning curve, but I do think it is very rewarding when mastered.

It's tricky because I think smash gets away with this more because for a beginner the chaos of it all is the fun. Plus since the mechanics were designed with fighting in mind, there are numerous restrictions to give risk to movement which is important for the fighting design. It's only when you master the movements and employ exploits like wavedashing that movement really opens up.

Since this demo release, I've already made a lot of changes to improve the game feel, and I'm always learning what does and doesn't work. But I don't think I will stray too far from Melee's design because I do think there is value in its initial perceived stiffness to its fully realised mastered fluidity. I know a lot of people agree with this too, but it's just a bit niche (unfortunately for my wallet)

As the the xbox controls, ye thats my b. I was trying to mimic gamecube layout (this is what I use), but that was not the right call for the default controls. Also remapping changing menu inputs is stupid I agree, sorry about that.

Alright no worries. Thanks for the quick response!

Amazing job on this asset, it's gunna save me a lot of time! One thing that would complete my workflow would be the ability to live update sprites that are linked to tilesets. Is there any workaround for this? Its cool if not :)

Have you set the "SOLO_PLAY_PROFILE" to the profile you made?

use a controller

Your criticism is totally valid. I honestly haven't done anything to improve the casual experience because I made this game for platform fighter fans (particularly melee) who are used to the no buffer and prefer it that way.

I have other projects that are much more accessible in the works and I see this game really as just a love letter to melee. There is the argument of an optional buffer like you mentioned that I'm not ruling out, but I feel like if there is a buffer then it undermines the technicality, and that can push away my target audience.

well that was painful to watch

many thanks!

hello, is there a 32 bit version? thank you

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1. Set multiple attach points
2. Set a default frame width. All my character sprites are the same size, so if I just defined the width once, I wouldn't need to define the frame count every time.
3. Some customization on the code output.



Are there any planned updates? and if not, will the source ever be open? It's honestly way too limited to be useful right now but I'd happily code in new features

figured it out. a button option would be nice, my scroll is broken