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They are listed as "Adult Only Sexual Content", which is the category porn games go into. I've blocked porn games on Steam, so it makes it impossible for me to find your game there without altering my settings.

I don't see this happening. The only way is to give you a Steam key, and it's possible for you to give those keys away.

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I realize I could manually add a desired tile as a custom icon, but it would currently take a million clicks to get the entire 40x40 floor populated with it. Being able to place custom assets into the ground section and utilize the drag method to populate large areas with a custom tile would be fantastic.

Ah, I see what I missed. There was a checkbox in the "Map Aspect" area labeled "Advanced Mode." It needs to be checked.

I am trying to change the wall color, and found a topic saying you can do so from the "map settings." However, I've clicked on every button on the screen and am unable to find any "map settings" area. What am I missing?

  • In the slaver's pit (the old mine), I paid 15000 gold when asked (I didn't partake in their "sexual services") and, after Ren took a couple steps, the game stopped.
    • Note: It didn't freeze. The animation of the girl in the stocks being fucked just played forever, and none of my input did anything.
  • I'm not sure if this is a bug, but in the second city (with the adventurer's guild) I can go to the mixer and mix an infinite amount of axes and quickly amass an infinite amount of gold from this. 
    • Note, I really appreciate being able to do this, as I'd normally just Cheat Engine my way to doing it.

Finally: the HD remake of the Atari classic Venetian Blinds we've all been waiting for!