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Replayed it and got through the whole day without any cars being stuck!

I also got chewed out for eating the entire prize pool, the game is so rich in detail, it's fun finding out more about it with every replay!

Great game with good exploration mechanics.

I don't know if you're bothering with updates, but there is a game crashing bug where more often than not, when hitting an eel with my speargun the game will freeze before booting me back to my desktop.

A very cozy game about meeting up with friends to burn some rubber in an abandoned parking lot.

If there was a trash can for all the pear cores, I definitely could not find it, so I just used the van.

During the first race however, both of the Dandelion and Rose's cars got stuck, and the game never continued past the first race, have any other people had similar issues?

I will be playing again later to spend more time with this cast of lovable driving nerds, and hopefully not have cars get stuck again!

Thank you for the wonderful game.

Would love to see this as a mobile game, it's an addicting puzzler!