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The game was absolutely adorable. Love the soft colours, the concept and the relaxing vibe it radiates. Had a great time playing it with my friend! :)

haha you got it :D

i like the concept of the zodiac signs. and i like the animation and the art overall. but its really too hard and i somehow cant hit the enemies. but i like that you included difficulty levels(although easy was too hard) and that i could choose the color. 

good job

it's pretty cool. I like that you included sound- and particle effects. 

however i would recommend trying to make the controls a little more responive, a more dynamic map (with curves). and the bots couldnt kill me. 

but nice work keep it up :)

pretty good, it works really well. it isn't very pretty, it could use some particles, lighting and other little details. sound effects would also be nice. the music is too loud.

this is awesome,

i love the particles, the screen shake, the glow and everything visual in this game.

i also really like the missle mechanic, and all the little details (for example the point cound ramping up if the enemy dies, etc).

this could really go on forever, it would be nice if it would get more difficult over time.

great job :)

very nice for your first game. the concept is clear and simple and works really well. the main menu is also flawless. 

i would suggest to focus a little bit more on making your gamie prettier, with better sprites, some particles and soundeffects,

keep it up :)

i really like it the concept and the grid and everything works really well. but i didnt find out how to gain extra resources to build new towers. maybe give some more clear instructions

nice concept. it works really well and get confusing fast :D 

keep it up :)

very well made. i love the art and how well everything works. I sorted all of them and i enjoyed it :D

nice game. 12 hours are insane. I like the concept and everything works  well. 

A better looking text would be nice. 

but good work overall

Nice take of this awesome concept. it works really well. I think you could improve a little on the art aspect, but it works fluently. Some music would also be nice. 

good work overall :)

I really love the game mechanic. It's pretty well programmed, but a little ingame-tutorial would have been nice, since most people - including me - don't like to read text-tutorials. But increadible outcome of a gamejam :)