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Favorite game of the year so far! 

Oh, that does look much better!
As soon as I'm able to grab a copy I'll make an updated video.

I got to say it's a pretty fun game overall and gets challenging.
Shows me why I could never be a mod.. 馃槀
Great game! 10/10

10/10 Can't wait to try your other games!

The terror is real. 10/10!

Love it! Goofy and short to the point.

I may have rage quit.. 馃槀

Great game overall!

Absolutely love these styles of games and the characters were great! 10/10!

I've never play a FNAF but I loved this!
Think I'm going to Hell.. 馃槀

What a treat! 馃榿

We need more games like this! 10/10 Short and sweet.

One of the best SpongeBob games out there!

I've never been more frantic playing a video game..
This is a 10/10 and I will me making another video on the hard difficulty! 馃檶

Be more mature and polite to the game developers. The game wasn't meant to actually be scary, it's a comedy horror, a joke for people to play. The fact that you took your time to slander a game in which you wouldn't be able to create yourself is sad. Also don't promote other peoples games on other developers pages. You're just plain rude with bad grammar.

One of the best games on this website!

Short and simple but yet beautiful! 

My best video yet thanks to this beautiful masterpiece! 馃槀

I remember playing this game about a year ago so I came back to stream it and realized the developer is still working on updates and I decided to play the Christmas Edition.

Absolute incredible game! I would love to play, record, and stream every version that you have made. I looked a while back and I think there was at least one or two that I couldn't find download links to, could somebody tell me how many different versions there are and possibly give me a link?

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the video! 馃榿

This was by far my favorite video to record and edit!

I love this game, keep up the amazing work!

Can't wait to see what games come next. 馃榿