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MMMMM... gay. This is silly and I love it. 

awesome! thanks!

Is it possible to upgrade my pledge to the HC edition? I want to say I meant to buy the HC but apparently didn't. 

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I really like the idea of the print and play document, but I guess I don't understand it. I think the layout is such that you have to print the same page front and back--but that seems to give you two copies of each card. Is it possible to make them print page-by-page once each?

Thank you!

Oh, I know! ;) If only they considered the deeper ontologies of snail-being. But I like it. I should post the tweet-stream I'd written

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Thanks for the outreach. Yeah, I kinda wish itchio had a direct message feature.

schinji at gmail would work great for email. I'm on the Wanderhome discord and Possum Creek, but the same amount of lack of time to work on this usually keeps me quiet. But, discord is another good place to talk, of course.

I'm still wrapping my head around folklores too. In my drafting ideas I called them a Journey, which I may still return to, but for the argot of Wanderhome, I think folklore makes sense. 

Your writing it out helps me think about it too, so great. I feel like by experiencing a folklore (like any of the festivals included), the event creates a new perspective available for players, kith and kin, and natures to be viewed in a different way and provide impact towards those changes. That's the direction I'm going with mine at least, though I hope to have some specific ways of how playbooks or mantles of playbooks can influence that more directly.

Specifically, I'm trying to introduce a very introspective play style that may or may not work in Wanderhome (I think it can or I wouldn't be trying--but it might make things weird too). Best way to know is if the writing makes the play work and try it out.

Quite cool and fun. I love it.

I made a few quick splashes of color and art from the main book on the micro-booklet. PM me if you want me to send it along to you.

And working on a fully-loaded zine version. Snailing it on ZineQuest, so sometime late spring. Talking with artists. Hang onto your shells.

I pray it takes advantage of Actor Network Theory

Looking forward to it!

Can't tell... is it possible to get a print copy of the zine still?

Updates coming soon (?). Working on a general ecology of rpgs a bit more than this... but this is a part.