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So do I. Cause now I'm done with this part and waiting for more. Sheesh, these characters are amazing. Jilly, Tari, why'd even Ruby become adorable like that? Not to mention funny - The pigeon scene absolutely killed me, I actually laughed. Just, great work.

It does bear some similarities to MGQ. Boy leaves hometown to become a hero/adventurer.  Encounters monster girls... They're both weak initially... Well, though Matt is far more pathetic than Luka as he was at the beginning, and that's saying something. Poor guy.

Which reminds me, there is one thing that always bothered me a little about MGQ. You have a ridiculous amount of monster girls, but because of this, the vast majority of them is limited to Luka coming across them, then they want to either kill him or whatever it is, and that's it. Though it's unbeatable in terms of content, I really like your approach of having far fewer monster girls, but ones with proper personalities and impact on the story.

So yeah. Looking forward to whenever chapter 2 will come out, cause I have no doubts whatsoever that I will purchase it too.

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This is an amusing little story, to say the least.

Since I'm always on the hunt for more monster girl content, I was actually looking to buy the first part of dieselmine's Violated Hero series. And while I was looking around Dargoth's site for translations, I happened to find 'Never 1.0 release' wordpress being mentioned in the comments. What's this though? A 'Quest Failed' banner? Huh. Why don't we take a look at that... Oh, this looks interesting.

Downloaded demo, played demo and I am amazed. Forget about VH, this seems to be a much better use of my money. That, I am convinced of after only seeing the demo.

Edit after having continued on from where the demo ended: Bah, this game has the Monmusu Quest effect. You just want the content but then the story gets interesting.