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Feel free to email me, is my public email.

Uh oh. Walls without collision? That's not good. Probably an artifact of optimization, I'll check.

As for the interactable, please refer to the screenshot below. Sorry for the confusing layout. I'll give it a priority next time.

Correct, only that one has 3 floors right now. I do realize that the dungeon might be a bit too confusing at this build, but I am going to work on improving the visual clues on where to go. 

Look for a blue sign with arrow pointing down, get close to it and you should be able to press the door button to go to the next floor.

Buffs are a big deal in this game, you gotta make sure to use them, I think I've had a pop up saying they are important, though it might have not played out if you have tutorial stuff disabled.

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Well, I did code hotkeys in, so they should be usable in the next build. They could be customized on PC if you were to launch the game through the launcher since it's using input manager.

What I meant by the visual hotkeys is, I'd love to have a little button name show up under each icon represnting each hotkey. Like let's say, skill slots in MMOs, where you see the number under each skill, except i'd like it to be more dynamic.

So for example if you put G to be your inventory button, it'd show up G on the UI, right now the only way to do that is through some store asset or code it yourself, by making like, a big bindings menu, cause then it should be logically storing the saved player keybind preferences in memory or a preference file, but that's a ton of work and I still have a lot of other things to fix/complete (and with my limited time right now its not that much of an option). So maybe something like that for the future.

Still, I do appreciate the thoughts.

As for the XP, right now it doesn't scale with the enemies defeated but rather is encounter based. Probably should buff the XP gain in that case. The next update also includes companion's level HP/SP/MP scaling so that'll be more useful by then.

Thanks again!

Surprisingly, it's actually 50/50, the playerbase is split in half, so all of the suggestions matter to me. I'll try to implement hotkeys in the next release, though, there might be one visual problem due to the fact that unity's current input system does not allow for easy conversion of input key number to the UI, if someone chooses custom bindings, but. Default ones should probably work fine for the majority of people.

Thanks for the feedback, i am putting hotkeys into WIP now, i do appreciate communication a lot!


I appreciate the communication, I'll try to add hotkeys. Btw what screen size does your device have? I really only considered that Android users are using touch screen, and my phone is quite big so i have no real reference on how the UI feels on other devices than mine. Thanks!


Thanks for the kind words, it warms my heart that people are still genuinely interested in this project, yeah, I am still working on it. Just slowly because I have a real life daytime job and about 5-6 hours of sleep lol.

The progress is slow since I mostly work on it during my free time, i.e a few hours during evenings, I still post updates on the dev/unstable page whenever i can and whenever i feel like the update is decent enough to publish. You can check the dev builds here:

I do have more things in works, devlogs should have some more info on that.

Sorry that i take so long to reply and update stuff, i just hope it's understandable that my schedule isnt the best.

And thanks again, I really do appreciate communication!

Oh wow, itch does NOT send me notifications when people post in the forum threads huh, thanks a lot itch io. Sorry about that. I'll try to make it more clear with the next updates. Right now only one dungeon has 3 floors and thats the story one. 

Sorry for being so late. I really, really should start check these things more often.

Hey! Sorry for the late response (real life is really busy recently, wew), could you kindly tell me what platform you are playing on?

If it's PC, which windows version was it 32 or 64 bit?

If it's android, which android version?

Are you using custom ROMs or custom windows builds?

If you could tell me, that would help a lot!

I had experienced an issue like this when I was playing on my older phone, but that was due to faulty hardware sadly. If it is that, then I'll probably be unable to help.

Yeah, right now the builds are combined on the test build page, but i still plan on updating separate versions whenever i can.

As for the demo updates, yeah, i plan on updating the Demo once i'll have more content in the game. I had to rush out the demo and grind a bit hard before getting back to my RL job, so a lot of stuff ended up being cut. So i am slowly restoring that right now.

Right now I am saving up for the steam direct license. I hope i could launch Demo 2 (Or as i'll probably call it Zetharis : Prologue) on both Steam and GPlay, once i'll have the license, hope that clears up.

And sorry for poor communication, being busy sucks

Hey, sorry about that, which archiver did you try to open it with? I use WinRar(Yes, i know, WinRar is old but, it works) And it opens fine on my end. 

Oh my god. I totally forgot to set the downloads from not being hidden and i was busy at work so i couldn't go through my emails. Sorry about that. Should be avaliable soon

Sadly no visuals, I am not an artist. And I'd rather there be no images than something awful and unappealing to look at. Sorry if that answer might sound disappointing, but that's the truth.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, really any communication is a big help because i am just so anxious when it comes to publishing my work, haha. Thanks again, i really appreciate it.

As for the developement, a lot of stuff will be posted on the developer page that is linked on the project's page. Thats where I am usually going to post updates and other info.

I am not sure if i understand your question, do you mean visuals?

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Yeah, they are. Redrik is hidden in a volcano on the right side of the first location, I am sure you would be able to spot it with the red light. He is however , a boss battle. So you might want to be prepared first.

Niela has a special requirement before you could recruit her however.

Oh, whoops. Lemme fix that, thanks for the heads up!

For the past month I was working on the demo and I hope the result was worth it. I hope.

Sorry about my lack of recent activity with the community. It's just when I focus on doing something I try to not allow online stuff to get in my head much. Hence why i probably skipped some comments or emails... I'll try to catch up.

Either way If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything. I'll try to be more active when interacting with people in general.

Just dump it here. There are no templates. All I ask for is to be constructive and offer some possible solutions to the problems you've spotted.

Thanks for your time.

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Encountered a bug?

Please report it here.

Ideally follow this template.

1) Platform. (Android or Windows) And version of the game. AO or M.

2) Description of the bug. What happened.  

3) Screenshot.

4) Reproduction steps. This is the most important part.

Mature version just doesn't have the adult scenes, and some dialogue options related to the adult stuff won't be avaliable.

The mentions of nudity, violence are still there and the version name has "C" instead of "U".

(Honestly, it is really only there to show up on the frontpage of itch cause nsfw stuff is just always hidden.)

That's about it, the rest is the same. Even saves are compatible with each other.

Since everything but the adult scenes was already not explicit, that doesn't require any changes.

It's a bug that is fixed in the demo version. Sorry about that.

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Heya again,

Not all characters will have the same/repeatable scene.

Because like, it wouldn't make much sense to repeat the same things he told you over and over again if it already happened, right?

In Redrik's case, the scene is unique due to the consiquence that changes up the gameplay.

As the storyline/questline goes on, he will have another scene if you already spent time with him.

Heya, sorry for the late responce, was asleep. He's in the cave below the beach. That cave briefly emits light on the grass, to show that there's a secret path.

I suppose if he wasn't easily visible that means i should make the light a bit brighter, my bad.

Sorry for the late responce, dungeon is going to be reworked later on. Atm it's just there so i can test things, i mainly tested procedural generation there and it turned out to be rather shitty, so i am planning on reworking it into hand-made dungeons.

Right now, there's not much lewd content but it's in progress. The next patch should bring more of that content whenever it's ready.

Pixel art animations are not planned, but character portraits and overall visuals for camp and etc are still going to happen.

Genitals are left to the player's imagination, since there's so many character parts, it would be difficult to me to implement that, hence why in scenes it's written so vaguely.

As for the Tekr, must be a bug, i'll get around fixing that, thanks!

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I'll keep that in mind for the next update. I am not sure if it's possible code-wise yet, but I'll try to implement it if it's going to be possible.

Edit: that was actually easier than i thought! Converter is implemented and should be avaliable next patch.

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Heyo! Thank you so much for taking your time to write me some feedback!

I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the combat system so far, as a fellow SMT fan especially!

As for the map stuff, yeah, I am currently expanding upon it and adding more content as we speak. 

As for the patch, it should be coming out soon, it's mainly a big polish patch, so there won't be *that* much new stuff yet, but it is definitely a priority considering majority of systems are already done.

I had to focus hard on fixing my errors and typos, and i genuinely hope that will make for a better experience for everyone!

Run command is also planned, I had some ideas that were close to SMT's negotiation system with a small twist where you could talk it out with monsters/humanoids that can speak, and running away from beasts/things that can't speak. Right now i am not so sure whether or not it's gonna be implemented(The variety talk system, but running away is something i am planning on doing regardless), but it's 100% something i am thinking about.

Little by little, i hope to make it a large RPG game with lots of content, so stay tuned for more!

And thanks again!

Edit: as for mobile SD stuff, i am not sure if it's something i'll be able to implement, but i'll take a look at it, no promises though... My phone is all internal space, so i can't say for sure if i'll be able to test that feature out myself.

Thank you so much for your feedback, the game is still in super early stages of developement, so more content will come, i am planning on adding more enemies whenever i can, and i am very happy to see people playing my little project.

I am sure that not many people will like to hear what i have to say, but i think that pleasure as a reward rather than a loss is something that i'd like to keep, since it encourages player to get better in the game.

(I know it's a bit... uh, not normal in those types of games, but that's an intended decision. On a more real world example, i often find it boring when you can just lose to get what you want, since it doesn't really encourage you to keep on going... So i am sorry in advance if that might be not something you'd like.)  

Since it's a game inspired by SMT, companions are a must have, but since there's no monster catching elements, the characters will be what you collect.

For the difficulty curve, i will try to make sure that encounters whenever you are alone (without party members) will be a bit more fair in player's direction, probably reduce the appearing enemy amount to be 1v1 rather than an unfair wipe.

As usual, i highly appreciate your feedback.

I would also like to add that a new patch should be coming soon. Although it's more of a bug fix/story/character developement update patch rather than pleasing content, sorta say.

But based on this, i might delay it just a bit so i can get to write something more romantic.

Thanks again, i am also sorry if i respond a little bit late (and with grammatic errors), i get really anxious whenever i publish it, so hearing something positive really makes me happy!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, sorry if i am responding a little late, more creatures are planned, the game is still in a very, very early stages, but worry not, as the time goes on, there will be way more content :) Thanks for playing!

Hello again, if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to post it here!

(Alternatively, if you don't want to share it publically, you can just email me at the email i've provided on the page of the project!)

Thanks again for your time!