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Given that the Game is in early access, I hope the whole story will be revealed in future updates. What a killer, what a deal the father made. I look forward to continuing :)

My walkthrough in Russian:

The game is creepy
My walkthrough in Russian:

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The game looks very simple, but this is its feature, nothing scares as much as an ordinary person with a wide smile, the only negative is that the screamer is very loud, minus the ears right away. As for the rest, I look forward to continuing and explaining what kind of person he is and what he wants from us.

My walkthrough:

I liked the game, the models of the deceased are catching fear. Moans screams to goosebumps made their way. I look forward to new games from you and much scarier. My walkthrough in Russian:

I love the underwater theme, a good full-fledged horror would have come out of the notes, although the monster let down, it would have been a little more scary. My walkthrough in Russian

The soundtrack is just fire, the screamer at the end made me happy :) My walkthrough in Russian:

So atmospheric music in the game. Because of her, you plunge into the abyss of helplessness and hopelessness. Looking forward to next projects <3. My walkthrough in Russian:

I went for a burger, a tragic ending that reveals the whole essence of the appearance of ghosts. Groundhog day was done perfectly, with each new arrival I wanted to know what would happen next. Keep up the good work, I'm waiting for new games <3
My walkthrough in Russian:

GOD this intro, I liked the intro video more than the gameplay. Not convenient control, straight back to childhood, when you do not understand what to press and how to activate, more plus than minus. But the main disadvantage is loud music, headaches are guaranteed at the 10th minute of the game. And so they drank more videos on the game, they are super :)
My walkthrough in Russian, start with 10:47

I hate dolls and mannequins, the game is short and interesting, I look forward to even more games similar to this theme :)
My walkthrough in Russian, start with 07:29

A dark and interesting game, in terms of graphics and tone, the plot is very clear and I want to continue. I hope you will bring this project to the end, and make the full version, or something similar.
My walkthrough in Russian:

Good old SCP, the soundtrack is just great, just smaller than this white face, then it would be 10/10. And so 9/10
My walkthrough in Russian:

Not a prolonged horror, in some places it was creepy. I like it.

My walkthrough in Russian:

I WANT MORE. I really liked the game, I'm waiting for further projects from you, developer. The soundtrack and graphics are just great. I recommend everyone to play. My walkthrough in Russian:

ХОЧУ БОЛЬШЕ. Мне игра очень понравилась, жду дальнеший проектов от тебя, разработчик. Звуковое сопровождение и графика просто на высоте. Рекомендую всем поиграть.

Thank you very much, now I will not leave the room at night, and I will not look out the windows. The pixel killer was so awful that it made me jerk. I like it. My walkthrough in Russian:

Спасибо большое, теперь ночью не буду выходить из комнаты, и не буду смотреть в окна. Пиксельный "убийца" был настолько ужасный, что заставил меня дёрнуться. Мне понравилось :)
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The idea for creating a game based on a real crime story is good. I hope you will implement it to the fullest. And since the 5-minute demo version is not bad, it would be nice to show the ending, and not do it openly.
My walkthrough in Russian:

Идея для создания игры по настоящей криминальной истории хороша. Надеюсь ты её реализуешь по полной. А так демо версия 5- минутная неплохая, было бы неплохо концовку показать, а не открытую делать. 

The game is very interesting, there are many Easter eggs. ragdoll - physics made it possible to laugh at the child. In some places it was scary, screamers are present. One thing I don't understand, is there an alternative ending? My walkthrough in Russian:

Игра очень интересная, много пасхалок. ragdoll - физика позволила посмеяться над ребёнком. Местами жутко было, скримеры присутсвтуют. Одного не понимаю, есть ли альтернативная концовка? 

The game is very similar to P.T. A very creepy atmosphere, I constantly thought that a terrible face would pop up. But this was not, even a little bit offensive. I recommend to play :)

My walkthrough in Russian:

Игра очень похожа на P.T. Очень жуткая атмосфера, постоянно думал, что выскочит страшная рожа. Но этого не было, даже чуть чуть обидно. Рекомендую поиграть :)

In general, a good horror, Would make Ramsey's model and save after death more qualitative. My walkthrough in Russian:

В целом неплохой хоррор, Покачественней сделали бы модельку Рамзи и сохранения после смерти.

The plot was invented quite good, in some places it was scary, I expected screamers, but in the end it was getting creepy. I understood two endings, and went to the bad one. I recommend to play :). My walkthrough in Russian:

Сюжет придуман неплохой, местами жутко было, ожидал скримеров, а в итоге нагонял жути. Концовки я так понял две, и прошёл на плохую. Рекомендую поиграть :)

Normally, i went for some water. The game is pretty short and, in principle, it's good, a couple of scary moments and the ending is open. Respect. My walkthrough is in russian:

Rus: Нормально так сходил за водичкой. Игра довольно коротенькая и в принципе это хорошо, пару страшных моментов и концовка открытая. В общем респект. Моё прохождение на русском выше :)

ENG: The game was pretty creepy. Loud and screaming sounds. Goosebumping enemies. And the atmosphere is depressing. My walkthrough is in Russian:

Rus: Игра вышла довольно жуткой. Громкие и вопящие звуки. Пробирающие до мурашек враги. И атмосфера гнетущая. Моё прохождение на русском. 

Screamers 10/10
Atmosphere 8/10
Sound Effects 9/10
I liked the game very much, the only thing is, the man in the headphones talked for a long time. I'm waiting for the next games from the developer :)

My walkthrough in Russian:

For grandfather Anatoly!
The game really went to me, the atmosphere was 10/10. Screamers my respect. I'm waiting for the next games from the developer :)

My walkthrough in Russian:

Thank you for the kind words, good luck in future projects :)

It's a shame that it's too short, but in general I look forward to more new games from you :)

My walkthrough is in Russian. Starts at 12:56

Show me this man who made this soundtrack - a masterpiece. The voice acting is top, a little too long at some points, but bearable.

My walkthrough is in Russian. Starts at 04:49

I fell in love with this game. So I'm looking forward to the full release

My walkthrough in Russian:

My walkthrough in Russian.

ENG: I don’t believe that in just 48 hours you can make such a good game. Sound effects are great. Atmosphere 10/10. In the end, the monster was creepy. I really liked the game, I recommend it to everyone :)

RUS: Не верю что всего за 48 часов, можно сделать такую хорошую игру. Звуковые эффекты на высоте. Атмосфера 10/10. В конце монстр был жутковат. Игра мне очень понравилась, всем рекомендую :)

Well, I'm not very good at English.

Why? :)

My walkthrough in Russian, starts as 13:00

ENG: I liked the game, it's pretty creepy. Pleased with the screamer in the passage and the ending is unusual.

RUS: Игра мне понравилась, довольно жуткая. Порадовал скример в проходе и концовка необычная.

My walkthrough in Russian, starts at 08:20

ENG: An overwhelming atmosphere, when you listen to every step of the cultist with a knife, so as not to go through all over again. The only drawback of the game is that you don't know where to go next, there are few pointers. But I passed with pleasure and the ending caused double feelings of fright and laughter :)

RUS: Нагнетающая атмосфера, когда прислушивайся к каждому шагу культиста с ножом, дабы не проходить всё заново. Единственный минус игре, это не знаешь куда дальше идти, мало указателей. Но прошёл с удовольствием и концовка вызвала двоякие ощущения испуга и смеха :)

My walkthrough in Russian, starts at 00:00.

ENG: The sound effects are amazing, and I had goosebumps throughout the game. The only thing that annoyed me was the steps of our protagonist. In general, the game came to me :)

RUS: Звуковые эффекты восхитительны, мурашки по коже были на протяжении всей игры. Единственно что раздражало, это шаги нашего главного героя. В целом игра мне зашла :)

My walkthrough in Russian:

ENG: This game contains all my fears: Mannequins, clowns, dolls. It's pretty simple, look for hearts and don't fall into the clutches of a demon. But due to the pictures and scary gifs, I liked the game.

RUS: В этой игре заложены все мои страхи : Манекены, клоуны, куклы. Она довольно простая, ищи сердца и не попадись в лапы демону. Но за счёт картинок и страшных гифок, игра мне понравилась.

I liked the game very much, the graphics are excellent, I especially liked the moment with the photo next to the phone. Something reminded P.T. I recommend to play it :)

I play in russian. The game starts at 10:47