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I. FUCKIN. LOOOOOOOVE!!! Mr. Bear's theme song!!! please send me a link of it on loop.

sometimes it glitches out when diving into water.

beaten the game without having my clothes take off, it involves skill and luck.

I only beaten it cause of luck only as I got monstermind ( _w_ )... Tell me if you beaten it with skill only which means no getting fucked, fucking, or ambushed, and not to forget no boosts.

wish there was a secret ending for those that gdidn't get fucked or a small change to the ending since your still nude in the end cutscene.

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and you can't get a starter  cause of how buggy it is

alright but not exactly what I'm looking for, but thanks anyways.

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are there any cheats? to help those that lost their save to be exact

wish it was downloadable, so I can play it without having to go here constantly.

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How do I start it I'm stuck where I only see the title and background.

Edit: Might be a glitch since I seen white lines after I cursor my mouse across the screen, as I can't do anything with them.

alrighty, there ain't alot of multiplayer games that are erotic, that's why my friend wish it was since it seems like a cool option to have as twins would be cool, but I'll go inform them.

But my personal idea is bosses for every 10 floors and a miniboss for every 5 as the minibosses could be tameable, and if other's already thought about this then cool! I'm not the only one.

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Ahh amy, my most favorite character, literally, wish there was more art and scenes with her. I hope there will be my art of her that are like actual sex scenes.

Edit: Yes I know it's a text game but I really want too see more sex scenes of my favorite character

My friend is wondering about a multiplayer function that allows only 2 people to give the function of twins to the lore, it'll boost the challenge of course as they could enter the battle the other one is in adding additional enemies by doubling the number like there's 3 enemies, it would then become 6 as it'll make it tougher and the twins would have their own party so one twin could have only 1 member as the other would have 2 members for example, it'll add diversity to combat as it'll be very useful for placement with the beings in the game like the archers are in the back so they'll be hit the least amount unless the enemy has a bow so it'll put risk to the front line people, as the archers has too be covered by a person or they'll be free to hit as their would most likely be servers for friend's to play in, as it'll make the game alot more interesting!  Hope you add it.

Bugs I found: Only found 3.5

Follower's being completely removed when they didn't "Die".

The female werewolf "lunging", and when trying to tame a male or female they'll be Abit bugged out.


Being trapped after being caught rarely making me have to set up a new save and (this is the .5 part) sometimes I'm not even able to go to menu to save as this only happened once while being trapped happened 4 times already. 

Just wanted to inform you about that have a nice day/night!

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Alrighty thanks for the reply, have a nice day!

When will the people here be able to change their species?

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That's amazing! all of this by your self is truly spectacular doing all of this by your self since November 16 2019, which is 13 days from my birthday as my B-Day is Nov 3rd as I wish I found out about this alot sooner! but other than that , you're a true hard working person that has the capabilities of earning alot more money as you can do insane things by movement,  lore/story, design, character creating, world creating, etc! I already told my friends back this site and I hope they like it as much as me or possibly more if they actually try the game out, as I will be joining your discord server now. But if you ever feel stressed please take a break, don't want you too stress to much.

Edit: forgot to change "truly amazing" to "truly spectacular"

From a new fan that loves your work -Scar The Hunt

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Not gonna lie, as a pansexual it's hard for me too find games that makes me fall in love with character's, let alone several! as I'm the type of pansexual that is more so a panromantic, but other than that, you made me be able to fall in love with every character, and the story itself.

That's very hard too find, but you punched the right spot with each of their backstory, personality, design, and literally made a person that is actually hard to bring in tears through events that should be sad or happy by the ending of the prologue.

It was truly touching, and just seeing Fara breaking the rules of a guild assistant, Evie buying Rebecca a room to live in off of hard earn money an telling her she's family too, showing Sunny looking back too her past which made me think that she was starting too believe in herself once again, and seeing Shino becoming a witch assistant as she was a true fan of Leticia, all of those really did bring me to tears, and I bet the rest of the story will.

PS if Fara has too be taken away for saving the house by using her magic, I sure as hell hope the guild stop that from happening since Fara is by far my favorite by her backstory alone as she's basically a slave and I want too set her free from that life.

Edit: Basically what I'm trying to say is that, your very spectacular in world creating, and I really hope you end up getting hired from other people cause of the skills you have alone! I don't even know if you done this alone or not but none of the less it's spectacular and if you had help I also hope I see more of their work also and yours of course!

That's a major bummer for the incest lovers, I wonder how town of passion got away with it, but alright threesome's! just like Evie wanted hehe.

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I do have a question/request for the next update that ain't a rework, can you add a incest option? for those that like incest, basically Ari will be the players sister and Elizabeth would be their mother (tbh at the beginning I thought Elizabeth was the players mom and Ari was his sister which I was kinda disappointed when I found out they aren't) but other than that awesome game none of the less, and I do hope that there would be a threesome or an orgy with all of the guild members in the future that's a scene, maybe the orgy at the very end of the game after the player completes it, that'd be awesome also. (Oh ps I got the idea of incest from a game called Town of Passion, if you name the Maid "Mom" they'll have incest lines that are just minor changes too the speech so it would be pretty easy for you also, expect for the partner part with Ari, but yeah your choice) and sorry that this was more than one question/request.

Yep 100% bug/glitch re did the entire game an it works now, I think it's because if you meet the cat guy first it won't allow you too continue, or it's a galley glitch since I saw it for a split second till it glitched back too one of the other galleries.

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They are all lvl 5 Luna is lvl 10 as they're all on max affection also but Lucy is on lvl 4 as it says make a relationship with the other girls still, I think it's a bug/glitch.

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I think I found a bug, all characters are max without the prologue mission being done expect for Luna who is at maxed affection not too forget level and Lucy's hint says I need to build a relationship with the other girls despite being basically done, as I'm done with all missions expect for the prologue and the last one

Tbh I would love Beastiality as it's pretty hot too see a woman get pounded by an animal

okay since I'm stuck "annoying" Alissa and Cassie but I bet it'll be very good once the ndxt few updates come out!

alright thanks for both

I can't find the man with the desert map, how do I find him? I looked all around Transylvania, the grave yard, town, outside the mansion, etc does pixie have another quest? I beated the boss there so can somebody tell me or show me a pic where the person is at, I'll greatly appreciate it

I need help getting the rest of the magic skills with Rinny I got Drain kiss and The penis enlargement one, how do I get the rest?