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Does this contain jumpscares or more psychological  stuff? or both? haha looks fantastic btw! :)

amazing game! I’m still waiting to download  I am the caretaker but it’s not available. Is there any way I can access this game at all please? 

that’s very kind of you. Thank you so so much! 

Hi! No apologies at all i didnt unfortunately , no word from the developers or anything :( Would this be something you could share at all?

Hi, sorry i hope you can help me. Ive tried to download the game through the link and even subbed to their patreon but still the link doesnt work, is it possible to have the link to this game via a mediafire  file at all? 

thank you so much

This game was absolutely terrifying, one of the most horrific looking monsters ( in a good way ) i've seen in a long time. Definitely not for the faint of heart!..

Even though i didn't get very far as the Ayuwoki is ruthless and very difficult to avoid, i really enjoyed this game. Fantastic job! Thank you for a truly scary game!

Fantastic I look forward to it ☺️

Thank you so much for your feedback! Such kind words and I'm really happy you enjoyed. I wanted to do your fantastic game justice. I can't wait to play more games from you. Do you have any others to play? Thanks so much again. ☺️

Hi! I played and completed your game and i thought it was brilliant. It scared me on numerous occasions. Love the sound effects, atmosphere and overall look of the game. Brilliant job and thank you

Here is my video :)

This was a fantastic and well made horror game, the music alone was outstanding and really put me on edge, reminded me of the film insidious in that way, and the scares were terrifying and well done. Highly recommenced playing this game, cant wait to see more! Thank you :)

This game was fantastic. Had a great atmosphere, haunting sound effects and really impressive visuals. Very impressed by this one great job! 

Grandma is up there as one of the most scariest experiences i have played yet, played it a while back and i still think about it to this day. Beautifully made, it doesn't rely on jump scares and has seriously chilling intense moments. Highly recommend, fantastic game! 

Seriously fantastic horror game! outstanding visuals with a brilliant chilling atmosphere, i was on the edge of my seat from start to finish, thank you for this awesome horror creation! Highly recommend P.S it is terrifying! 

oh no not at all! Haha I was just saying it to the game, it was fantastic, thank you ! ☺️

This game was fantastic, the atmosphere created made me feel very nervous from start to finish, the way the rooms changed was genius, thank you for this game!