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I loved this game so much! So impressed with how much deep thinking had to go into the making of this game.  Was like playing a freaky trippy puzzle game with PT elements and a creepy storyline to boot.

Here's my playthru. Had a blast playing your game, thanks so much!

Really enjoyed your game! Hoping you will be adding to the story soon. I really want to know more about the Myers family and how things came to transpire.  Here's my gameplay of your demo, thanks so much!

Well, I finally Played Shines over II.  While i did enjoy the gameplay, I must say the first one has my heart.  shines over ii really is a beautifully made game, but definitely harder, as i was forewarned, lol.  the story in this installment wasn't quite as apparent for me and I was really struggling to understand how things tied together.  none the less, it is an intriguing game that i think is worth playing and I will definitely be trying my darnedest to figure out all the puzzles. thanks so much juan for a job well done!

here's my first gameplay attempt

Really fun and creepy game with some very strange characters. The puzzles aren't too difficult, but definitely enjoyable so far. Here's the first part of my gameplay, thanks so much!

Such a good game!  i went in blind and didn't know what to expect and boy was i pleasantly surprised.  great job and i can't wait to play the sequel! here's my playthru getting scared outta my pants

Really liked your game!  It kinda leaves you feeling uneasy and dirty at the end (not sure if that was the objective, lol). I really liked the story and how it could have been a true story.  Did you take any inspiration from the real life story of journalist Gay Telese and voyeur Gerald Foos?  I could see alot of similarities between your game and his story.

Only thing I wanted more of during gameplay was maybe some more movement or action when peeping into people's rooms. But really great job on the storyline and immersive feeling.  And awesome job on the textures in the environment, everything really looked good!

Here is my gameplay for anyone that's interested:

Had alot of fun playing your game!  Really great animation and loved the storyline.  Definitely, will be checking out more of your games!

Here's my gameplay:

Had a super fun time playing this!  Very trippy experience and can't wait for the full release, hope it's soon.  Here is my playthrough if you'd like to check it out.

Love this game. Color, comedy, and slicing up some deranged unicorns!

Just wanted to throw some love your way on this game.  Scariest little horror game I have ever played! I loved it and definitely will be looking out for more from you :)   Here's my gameplay for anyone that's interested!