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About to steam this game wish me luck! 


I'm about to stream this game... wish me luck! Mannequins scare meeeee - Scared_Cutie 

This game was awesome! I just wish it was longer! Honestly, I really got scared playing this! I would love to see more horror games be created! I see a lot of amazing potential! If you ever make any more horror games please let me know! (especially toilet based ones lol) My community loved this! Here is a quick scary clip of my reaction. Loud head set warning- please be advised! Well done! From the one and only B-Horror Scream Queen of Twitch- Scared_Cutie

Sure! I'll upload a video! Osamamsa123- you created the mysterious clown correct? That is on my list to play this Saturday! I am doing a clown event requested by my community (clowns scare me lol) Here is the link to my twitch channel if you'd like to see some of my videos!~ 

Scared_Cutie - Twitch

All the best! -Scared_Cutie 

I streamed this game and it was AMAZING! I really enjoyed the story and the gaming mechanics that were easy to navigate. Another amazing game! Keep up the amazing work! My community loved it! -Scared_Cutie

This game surprised me! I really loved the idea and concept of this game. It was very chilling but also visually creative. Can't wait to see more games like this! Keep up the awesome work! My community loved this when I streamed!- Highly recommend trying this out! -Scared_Cutie

I streamed this game and my entire chat including myself laughed so hard! This game is simple yet brilliant- 10/10 - Scared_Cutie

I am going to stream this game tonight. Wish me luck!! 


I am going to stream this tonight... Wish me luck!! 


I am going to stream this tonight.... Wish me luck ya'll!! 

- Scared_Cutie

This game is AMAZING! Hoping to see more Horror games made! I seriously loved everything about this game! The scared were timed perfectly and the game itself was a lot of fun! Great job! -Scared_Cutie

I'm going to stream this and the second game tonight.. Wish me luck ya'll! 


I am going to stream this game tonight... wish me luck Ya'll! 


I am going to stream this game tonight... Wish me luck! I have a feeling I am going to need it! -Scared_Cutie 

This was great!! I had a blast playing it- Awesome job! Scared me! 

-Scared_Cutie the B-horror Scream Queen

This is the first horror game created by this developer? WOW! I think this is your calling dev- this was great! I really enjoyed this very much! There were many unique scares that really sets this game apart- I am impressed and will keep eyes out for more horror games- From Scared_Cutie  the B-horror Scream Queen 

That would be awesome thanks!! I'll be sure to shout you out! I'll be on Twitch I can post the link if you'd like, my twitch link is 

(1) Scared_Cutie - Twitch     Will probably play 8:30 pm EST! 

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** UPDATED** Oh goodness I guess I am streaming this tonight... wish me luck ya'll - Scared_Cutie ** UPDATE** WOW this game was AMAZINGGGG!! This game was very well made, the scares were unique- the mechanics were great!! I can't wait to play more games by this dev- my chat enjoyed this too! Very well done- 

This game was so much fun! I had a lot of fun cleaning the house! (Never thought I'd be saying those words!) This game also scared me! I would love to play more games like this! Well done, -Scared_Cutie 

I really enjoyed this... Something so spooky looking in a mirror in the first place... This had just the right amount of spooks. Awesome job! 

This game was sooo good! I highly enjoyed the story and the overall mechanics were very good. This game was unique! I hope to see more games like this - Scared_Cutie 

Awesome! I just got this game can't wait to stream it tonight! All the best!