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A member registered Jan 30, 2021

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can u make em faster?

it wont let me play it just shows a tutorial and my character is no where and it doesnt let me do anything besides chat and mute and whenever i drag with my mouse it just shows a joystick type thing i reloaded it many times and it used to work but now it doesnt

pretty fun

my little sister didnt know what the seventh hat was... i told her it was a worm with a butt

i broke the game i perfectly jumped on the ping pong thing so now im stuck on it

great game i like the gravity thing like from super mario galaxy

i play on chromebook

its pretty good but its dark and hard to see

good game but the grappler didnt work that much

that would be cool if it was mutliplayer

secret medal under map


i swear it wasnt that laggy when i played

if anyone wants to play with me ill tell you my social medias


TikTok: @scardiosboi

instagram: scardiosboii

snapchat: scardios

Discord: DABABYODA#1152

i sent you an email hopefully we can play together the one i sent was from the gmail

love the song

this mod is dope but one request can you try and add custom controls or like preset controls cause i personally like to use d,f,j,k but you dont have to just a request all though this mod is dope

maybe you can try and fix the speed cause i had my speed at like 5. something and when i hit the darkness i fazed through the wall.

I found a way to play it’s cause when you do full screen it doesn’t show the join game option but I did ctrl+ and it made the screen bigger the game is fun btw!

I screen shored it on my phone and now I see it

now I see 

this is all i see

but how do i join a game theres 2 boxes one says ur username and room name which i dont have

it doesnt show an option for start game

i dont understand how to play the only options are name and room name

very good game including the fact it was made in 72 hours! I like the graphics and the design the game is challenging alone i havent played with someone yet but it would probably be very fun! I also like the concept of the game and how the climbers are stuck together. very good game!

may i ask how did you download it cause i cant download too.