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  • When will this be out of development? Version 1.00 of the corebook will released alongside the companion scenario. Updates after that will be mostly balancing and perhaps some additional equipment and attunements.
  • When will the companion scenario be released? Uncertain. 
  • So what can I actually do here? The example encounters booklet is going to be released soon-ish, after some more tweaking. Feel free to play through some example encounters with the provided characters (or create your own) and post your thoughts, gripes, questions, and stories on this page. Trying to break the game's balance and posting the results here is always appreciated.
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For those unfamiliar with the VN genre, it's common for longer works to be released in an episodic format, examples: Umineko or Higurashi. Similar to a Telltale game series, the game is released over several smaller releases. However, unlike Telltale, each 'episode' is long enough to constitute a smaller VN of its own.

Walkerman's acts are each organized around a benchmark of about 5-6 hours of playtime (average reading speed), culminating in 25 hours for the whole series. Each act also features a unique combat segment, and additional illustrations/art assets. However, since many assets are going to be re-used throughout the series (mainly character sprites, backgrounds), we didn't feel comfortable charging an equal price for them.

Pricing is as follows:
Act 1: $6.99
Acts 2-5: $2.99 each

The end result is a $20 dollar Visual Novel that should give the average reader 25-30 hours of playtime for a single play-through. 

Because this was a common question throughout the development process, I decided to pin this to the discussion board. Hopefully this avoids any issues with players who feel uncomfortable with episodic releases, and would prefer to wait until a series is finished before starting play.

That being said: enjoy Act 1, and I look forward to completing the series together.

Good job SUKEBAN GAMES. You tried your best and achieved the 100% result.

good job