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I just finished caleb’s route but neither of the queens were caught and i’m ok with where the relics lefts off but i had only just learned to use them.

I’m sorry, i know this sounds like complaining. I really don’t mean it to be, I love this story. I invested two years ago and i’m really love the story and the LI’s so i don’t want it to come across any otherwise:)

Is that where the story ends? Is there going to be a sequel or something? sorry, its just that it is left off VERY open-ended and I'm just confused :/

Took me soooo long to figure out how to get the game past the loading screen i kept getting stuck at, I couldn't get any of the terminal commands to work but tbf i was probably using them wrong. Anyways, i eventually downloaded the mac fix option from the downloads but then left clicked that to 'show package contents' then the folder 'MacOS' then opened that file. Just thought i'd put this here as i seemed to struggle following the other instructions in the comments xD so i hope this helps <3

Is this game going to be continued?

I love the game btw cant wait for more :D

Thank youuu <3

How do you get Emari to trade with you?

oh my god i love this i hope it is continued soon :)

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is this game still being developed?

is this game still being worked on?

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I haven't finished the VN yet but i was wondering if Kai is going to be a love interest?

I'm playing on mac and i've tried downloading all versions of the game but it always say that i 'don't have permission to open the application'. How can i fix it?