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Not gunna lie this game gave me a headache lol (3rd game) very disturbing

wish there was more jumpscare (2nd game) but a little decent game :)

This game is beautiful (1st game) so wish it was longer! good job :)

i didnt even know i was being chased :D (3rd game) decent short horror :)

YO this game is hella creepy (2nd game) but i loved it :)

decent short horror game (1st game) i enjoyed it :)


I really liked this game, very trippy and creepy! what i like to see lol ;)

(3rd game) yo this was VERY creppy. I saged my house after playing this. good game ;)

(2nd game) HILARIOUS!! ;)

decent little horror game (1st game) and very creepy ;)

i loved this game (3rd game) sooo unusual and well made :)

brilliant game (1st game) cant wait to see what else you make, :)

the voice over from this game was making me laugh (2nd game) good game just wish it was longer :)

please 20 more episodes lol, very creepy :)

very creepy concept, i loved it (3rd game) will be checking out more from this developer :)

i wish this game was longer (2nd game) also was i ment to escape lol??  overall brilliant little horror! 

brilliant little horror (1st game) also is there an update on this game?? i wanna flee the killers house lol!! 

IM SO BUMMED!! i didnt find more guns, but was a sickkk game!!! good job 

this game was intense lol, had my nerves gone the whole time, brilliant!

you are hilarious bro, i love your vids :)

this game is funny as hell, cant wait to see what else you make. QUALITY!!!!

the game was really for a short horror, cant wait to see what else you make :)

very short and very CREEPY, ending could of been better but still a decent game to play!! :)

brilliant but very scary game so brace yourself when playing this.YO them jumpscares HIT DIFFERENT!!!!!!

Listen if you watch this just know, its very hard being stupid lol, overall really good game, BIG UP to the makers!!!

short and sweet little horror game, wish it was longer, check it out here:

a good short horror game, will defo be checking out the full release when it drops. would recommend.  

what a fun horror game, i loved the gameplay, the story line and the rude police officer lol i would recommend playing this game. will be checking out more 

haha im not gunna stop trying lol 

OH BRILLIANT!! i ill defo checking out more of your games. There so fun to play 

ahhhh ok, i was wondering why the monster popped out the toilet haha. thanks for that 

The songs in this are LITT!!! i was swinging!! brilliant game 

this game is jumpscare city lol really enjoyed playing 

(1 edit)

i love this style of gaming (ps1) good game, really enjoyed it 

this game got my nerves gone lol, brilliant game 

really loved this demo and will defo be checking out the full version

very good game, really enjoed playing this....BTW i was useless lol 

very interesting game, and the sound are scary lol enjoyed playing this 

Who is anna?? i want to know!! so good and very creepy!!

this game is soooo good and VERY creepy, play if you dare, MUHAHAHA!!