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A fun, but long game. Took me about 5 days to complete, but it was worth it!

on the level after entering the front door after going through the small door the first time, i managed to glitch out of map after going in the wall where bathroom door was supposed to be, the sink had collision off so i walked in sink and opened cabinet and fell out of map

I got pretty far, I got stuck on the level where the controls were switched and the level where the screen was messed up and it was laggy.  I am stuck on the level with the white screen when you press the button. FUn game tho

R.I.P. Flash, also there is an error when the game tries to load

So far it is working alright!

I have recently downloaded the Android version of the game on my phone. Everything is good about it, just too much buttons and it takes a little to turn the screen. I don't think there is a way to compact the buttons into less buttons, but it would be convenient to add a sensitivity option in the settings so that you could rotate the screen much faster, like with the sensitivity it is now as the lowest option, and really fast for the highest option. Something else that may be helpful for others who might have bigger or smaller fingers or phones would be a button size option, so you can configure how big the button is.

I think the house might need a new room, maybe a basement where you can have a dif ending like a car or bike ending. also it's ironic when you look out of a window it says that there is park/construction area, but when you look out on the roof theres nothing lmao

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This game is very fun, it's not really that frustrating but it's kinda annoying when you gotta restart the game when the code doesn't work, other than that, the game is an awesome and would be fun to try speedrunning it. Can't wait til the patch next week! 

The oven door is way too hard to unlock. I have the oven knobs set to the EXACT code, but it is saying 'not the right angles'. Compare. It shouldn't be this hard to open an oven, I could have got 3 escapes if it weren't for this, but I have escaped 2 times out of 6.

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hydrogen peroxide

effect: is flammable, so if you drink it then something with ignite powers then you will destroy the SCP and get fired, but if you get drunk you are officially retarded.....


effect: you get health but all good things come at a cost.. in this case you are 10% drugged and get a random effect along with it.





Death<You got drunk on hydrogen peroxide, are you mentally stable..?> (alcohol)

Death<You blew up and destroyed the vending machine you little shit>(flammable)







nobody needs to know the house is scary very ok not haunted at all


It's ironic I got a better score in Forgetful mode than Vanilla

i dont think it wouldnt be very obvious youre playing it during class 

you: plays game

also you: *intense arrow and space pressing* AAA

I was stuck on the view when I started, since I did not know you could move the camera, so I did not know there was a dressor or a TV. I am also stuck on the +xx part, but it is a fun game! I wonder when the full release will be available, as its been over 4 years since this was published.

It's weird how your comment is the only comment on this game.

I can't figure out where the heck the Comtesse Cochonou goes! I tried the trash can, does't work. The fridge and oven doesn't work either. Does anyone know where it's supposed to go?

You can use a tissue or any clothes (doesn't matter if it's clean or dirty) to clean up spills

who are yall

I think that it looks really unique as a retro-game console game. The low graphics make it stand out a lot, and the auto-generated levels make it so you can play the game for as long as you want and have everything be unique!!

Press button twice, then enter in 213121 into roman numeral thing, then flick the lever right, and enter in 101 into the binary code pane

After the dialogue at the beginning ends, just sit there and dont do anything, then the poster for the first ending should appear, and the first light should light up.

Press button twice, then enter in 213121 in roman numeral thing, then for the DONT DO IT panel, press the top left button, then the top right one, then the top right one again, then the top left button

letters are at top, numbers on side. Click D1, then A3, then G3, then B7, then F3

Me: looks in laundry room closet

Also me: This is fine