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Thank you for posting this one.
Yes the restart level didnt really work like planned. I fixed this issue already and its coming to next update :)

I have to admit that the art style is so cool! Gj :)

Thank you! I will look into it. Most likely duplicated hud somehow left in the scenery. :)

hahaha, great video!! I was really laughing the bugs you found there. Not sure if I could have found them myself. 

That ghost, I kinda used that to debug the game earlier ( althou it was on enemy team, so you could shoot it). But now it really shouldnt be there.
Im 99% sure where it came... when you tried 2 players game but you didnt have the controller, you assigned the player 1 with keyboard. Then when you went back.. that player 1 was still as assigned. When you started new level, you assigned P1 again. So it should be easy fix (remove all assigned players on init screen).

Gotta fix the resolution bug too, it seems it doesnt really save it.

I will try to add more destructable stuff in the game. Its true that the normal guns should make more damage to environment, would be cool to shoot stuff with shotgun :P

Also I have to add somesort of shooting range to test out the weapons and shoot some targets or something. No promises when, currently trying to tackle network code. Atleast I hope I can fix those bugs and push update in next week or so.

Got some ideas or feedback, let me know. I love to hear em! (no promises on adding any thou) :)

Scatteria community · Created a new topic Report bugs!
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If you encounter bugs, please let me know about them here and I will try to fix them in the coming updates.

Know bugs:
-Restart level doesnt work always (0.11)
-If timelimit, timer might come into mainmenu. And definitely doesnt work with restart! (0.11)
-If players dies in covermode: after respawn the neck is twisted.. (0.11)
-Scoreboard camera in all levels are at origin (0.11)
-Player makes extra high jump in tight areas near tiles. (0.09... +)

Fixed bugs:
-Extra hud flying arount the scene (0.12)
-Timer bugs out after restart (0.12)

-Restart level doesnt work(0.12)
-Controllers moves every player in the game(0.10)
-Players are able to shoot throu one tile (0.10)
-Sfx slider doesnt effect on all sounds effects in game.

-Duplicated Player1 (v0.10)
-Resolution change isnt saved (v0.10)
-Resolution list has all the resolutions double (0.10)