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1. there are some mechanics tied to it, for instance the hard rods can cross holes in the floor as long as one is standing on the ground, ropes have weird movement, and spring can stretch and go over walls

2. yes they are, unless you have a rod you'll die when one character goes over a hole

Pretty fun, i enjoyed it a lot. Im glad it worked through wine on linux!

I miss a spread upgrade,  unless multi eventually does give you that. the increasing size is quite interesting but it would be nice to have some other disadvantages too to staying merged.

same for me unfortunately

 yeah i know, it'd just have been nice to include it in the jam version

Thank you so much! The worst part about that glitch is that i know exactly what the issue is but i can't fix it now.

Thank you so much! We wanted to do more but we didn't plan enough time to add more levels unfortunately.

unfortunately it doesn't work for me

i love the idea and look of this game, but it is lacking a fair bit in polish. the gui is not all that good and there are a lot of typos. but still i had a lot of fun playing it for a bit!

it is unclear to me how i'm supposed to run this game

This game is listed as being available for linux but as far as i can see it's not?

This was really cute, it was a bit frustrating having to wait for the arrow to shoow every move i made but i liked the game overall

That's a fun little game, but it would be nice if we could see the items we were supposed to pickup before starting! good job :3

Wow this game is really cool! I love the concept, though i dont entirely see how it fits the theme :p

Still one of my favorite games from this jam so far.

it's unfortunate that it doesn't load :c

i hope you can find a way to make it work!

The game is really fun, but i didn't understand what i was supposed to do until my first game was basically over. Some instructions would be nice c:

i made this with my girlfriend :3 (pronouns she/her btw)

I like the game, but it was really slow in my browser so hard to really play :c

Awh, thanks a lot <3

wow this is awesome, will it be available for linux?

What are the keyboard controls?