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No problem! The game is very unique despite using the RPG Maker and simple puzzles, the world building and art just adds so much personality and uniqueness to it, and the customisation of menus and layout makes this stand out so much. I love how everything falls into place and how even the smallest detail feels intentional. I also liked how the horror was building up slowly and wasn't over the top. I was a little sad when the demo was over and look forward ot the full release! I just know this game is gonna be AMAZING!

I enjoyed this little game so much ^^ First of all the visuals are so on point and the animations are amazing. I was surprised that all character movements were actually animated and that added so much life to this game. I was stuck at one point because I just tried to click aimlessly and overlooked the mirror. But I eventually figured it out even tho it probably lasted longer than it should have... The hint was right there, I just overlooked it. Aside from that I put the pieces together pretty quick. It was so much fun and I loved how the character's story was told through the phone calls and little comments. This is exactly the type of fun comedy/horror puzzle game I wish there was more of!

Really enjoyed this game! I didn't expect that the characters who were unavailable in Melissa would eventually become available to date : D I love that this universe is still getting expanded! The game was simple but on-point. Same goes for the art. It doesn't have a lot of details but is still 100% charming. 

I enjoy horror (even comedic horror) games I can just enjoy in one sitting sooo much.  Thanks for making more of these!

I love this so much!

Outstanding game! Really loved it!

Oh, I don't think you really NEED to remaster the old games (old... your first game is from a year ago...) unless you really want to. I know how you feel but I know lots of writers who fall into the trap of remastering old stuff with their new knowledge and kinda get trapped in a loophole of always wanting to get everything to their current level xD BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS GET BETTER! If anything I would just remake a few sprites with your current art style. Maybe for a bundle of all three games when the third one is done...?

The ATL effects will have an influence on the browser version but imo the worst offender for causing lag in the web build are the transitions. I am not sure if using ATL (changing alpha of an image) or using the pre-made renpy 'dissolve' statement would cause more lag. I don't think changing the position/rotation/zoom/etc of a preloaded character sprite should be that bad. What to avoid when creating a game for browser is something I am aiming to explore myself bc a lot of Renpy users are struggling with getting their game optimised for the web build. Your games aren't that big (I think the download for your latest one was around 130mb, MBM was even smaller) so you aren't doing anything wrong regarding your file sizes either. I think it's a 'renpy issue' and I wish they would create a better guide on how to optimise games for web. I hope that when/if they add the web build option for renpy 8.0 that it will be better since they usually add bug fixes/improvements with each version.

Ultimately, I think if people like your game they will also download it ^^ But you cant really know unless you tried. So maybe uploading just the first 10 minutes for browser and locking the rest behind the download could work. Sort of like a 'short demo', so that people can peak into the game. (As an example I would lock the browser version for ETPG at the point where Fritz lands on the house. That should make the game small enough to run in browser without lag and long enough for players to want to find out what happens next)

Aww thank you so much for writing a reply! Ofc I am sticking around for each game you upload. I got really invested in what happens next because you are good at telling stories and you have so much knowledge about the stuff you write about. I know you just make stuff as a hobby and that this is the first game you made basically like 'full time' for a month. And it really shows! It looks much more professional compared to your previous works and with this one I think the little individual works have started connecting to a bigger story. I'm so excited for what's up with Aq in the next game! Your games are super awesome and it's so interesting seeing you get better and better with every game. I can only guess which future upload of yours will suddenly blow up and make the story super popular!

Also I apologise if calling your style 'chaotic' seemed negative Q_Q I don't think it's negative at all, actually I get drawn to stuff that has an aura that feels like it's polished content yet will catch me off-guard. It's hard to describe that style of game. That's why I pulled the DR1 example ^^ I think DR1 might look like a game that makes it hard for you what genre to expect from just the game's style. But once you started playing it you can hardly put it back down!

You should play Zero Escape at some point ^^ I bet it falls right into your alley. Especially Virtue's Last Reward focuses a lot on interactions between characters (trust and distrust) and how to either manipulate others or to be honest with them.

I play the games on my family laptop. It's a very old HP and I rather not download too many games on it. But I downloaded the games that I knew were from creators I can trust, especially Renpy games are fine. Once I had seen the good ending I used the skip button a lot to unlock the achievements, if it helps. I will see if I'm able to replicate the issues I ran into. But it was mostly the inventory popping up at some places where I'm pretty sure that wasn't intended, which might have been due to the ATL issues that I experienced after I used skip. 'Just curious and to clarify, did you find some of the bugs during the first playthrough?' - No, only after I saw the good ending

Oh I figured it out, I just have to rate the game for the jam ^^ I was blind.

You did SO MUCH in just that month! I don't wanna pressure you in adding anything more LOL But if you really intend to expand the game, I am looking forward to what you add to it ^^ Since you already got the character sprites for the three of them, maybe there is a way to add the extra scene without spending too much time on it.

Also pstpst pst....

I think Fritz is a really cool dude. Probably my fav character next to / on the same tierlist as Pippy. Idk if it's due to the exam game that made me feel for him a lot ever since the beginning. I think the pressure of having to succeed in school or you will be marked unsuccessful for the rest of your life is a fear that is universal. I didn't expect him to be a part of the whole (thought the exam game was just a bonus) so it was enjoyable that he was back and that his story was continued ^^ I really hope to see him again soon.

Please don't spam your game to other people's jams. You submitted this game to over 10 jams it has nothing to do with. You might think this will give your game more attention but you just end up upsetting people and leave an unprofessional expression.

I don't even remember how I found this but this has to be one of the strangest VNs I ever played xD I expected a game influenced/inspired by Danganronpa or so due to the title, I also didn't miss out on the DDCL reference in the screenshots. So I went in with expectations of what will await me. But what I ended up getting can't really described or compared to anything else. A very funny and unique experience! The story doesn't take itself too seriously but it still goes in depth regarding some of the characters and there must have been put so much work into this. A chaotic yet very enjoyable VN game that I ended up playing in one go because I wanted to figure out the mystery ^^ Very well done!

Very unique game! The gamepage was very appealing too, which influences a LOT if I decide to play a game or not. I'm glad I did, because this ended up as one of my favs of the Spooktober submissions so far ^^ The aesthetic is amazing and I just overall enjoyed this.

Since I commented on FTSTTM I will also comment here ^o^

I loved Berrywitched so much and I can't wait for the Harvest!

Since I commented on your new game I also want to comment on here ^^

So... I don't even really remember how I discovered this game Q_Q It was pretty random and because the name was so funny I decided to play it, expecting a cute game about a silly rabbit xD The first game is tamer compared to serious themes in your newer ones so I wasn't that off, but I liked that it felt like there is more to the universe it's set in.

Looking back at it, I think Myx changed a lot!

You wrote that you hate the browser version because it's laggy but I hope you will eventually bring it back. I'm part of the people who don't like downloading stuff including games without knowing what I get in, and I remember I gave this game a go especially because I didn't have to download it.

I'm looking forward to see Pippy in the next game ^^

Omg... !!! This game is... It's like I'm not playing a vn game but I'm watching an animation?! O_O I didn't know Renpy atl can be that powerful and all of this in just one month. I am shook!

I played Our Wonderland up to chapter 2 so I decided to give it a go ^^ And OW has already been impressive with all the CGs and atl but I think this game shows just how much you improved since OW chapter 1.

Your art style is just ideal for this type of game! It seems simple enough so you can make many CGs and sprite variations but it's also detailed enough to give the characters so much personality. 

It's also very impressive that your main game has already become so big that you can make a game like this (regular lenght for a VN jam) as a side project.

Orlam is my favorite ^^ He just makes me smile. I went for the other two routes first so I can save him for the end xD

I hope you will keep making many many more games even when OW is done!

I enjoyed this soooo much ^^

It's just the type of game I really love. Creepy, enigmatic and just long enough to get me invested but not too long to scare me from downloading this since it doesn't have a browser version. 

It's really impressive what you made with so little assets! And in such a short time too! The game is very polished and has a really professional vibe.

When I played this I thought that you must like games like Danganronpa but also cute games like Touhou. It felt like a combination of the both which created a very interesting mixture. The character design was top notch!

And yeah, the CG at the end really got me.

It might not have known the protagonist for long but it still made me feel so invested. Really well written.

I played this game for NaNoRenO but because I now have an account I can finally comment on this xD, This game needs more attention!

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I absolutely loved this gamee, I just HAVE to leave a comment on this! ^^

It's such a cute game and just like Berrywitched I really enjoyed this. Your 'style' is very unique and I love how you combine a cute art style with really dark themes in your story. 

I saw a comment on a YT vid in which it was mentioned that you got lots of negative comments and are down about this, but I scrolled down and didn't see a single one that didn't praise the game in some way. The only thing I noticed was people saying they prefer Berrywitched. I hope you'll keep your chin up and don't see that as negativity or let that get to you. Even if some people prefer Berrywitched, that doesn't mean that this is a bad game or that they didn't like it! Just continue making games that are fun for you, and as long as your girlfriend and you enjoyed this game it has been worth it, right?

What I liked about the game: The artstyle and the character designs! Berrywitched only had one character sprite so this is a huge step-up for you. I also liked the interactive areas! That added so much gameplay variation to the game despite being mostly narrative.

To sum it up: This was so cool! ^^ I had so much fun with this!

Here are some things that I noticed about this game that I assume could have made some people confused. I will list them because I think that's more helpful to you instead of just saying what was good about it:

- The dates felt as if the player has to be careful about their decisions, but nothing was really missable and it always ended in the same results. Once I figured that out I started just clicking on everything on the second date until I had all three stars since I knew I would just succeed no matter what I do. It would have been cool if there had been a 'Bad Ending' for failing the dates to make the choices feel more important!

- The second point and click area of date 3. It was cool that the game suddenly turned mysterious but some things weren't obvious or didn't seem realistic. I know the game is not supposed to be very realistic but it still felt off-putting that the code was hidden in a videotape. I also would have never found the mirror if it hadn't been for the hint after the first ending. I just clicked around in the box until I found it because there were no indicators. Q_Q

- The stairs on date 3 part 1! XD That is just a personal nitpick, but the stairs were very hard to see and the area to click them was so small that it always activated the area next to it, so I thought I had already clicked on the stairs and was confused why the 3rd star is nowhere to be found T-T

Okay, I think that was all that really stood out to me as confusing. I hope the list combined with the advises other people have given you somehow helps you with your game design in the future. Your work is really impressive and I can't wait to see what you will make next! The Harvest is looking AMAZING so far!

Gave the game a 5 star rating ^^

Please always keep making games!!

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Finally got around to make an account to comment on games ^^

I played all games you made (aside from Cake dream, that one lagged too much to play it on my device, sadly X_X) and enjoyed them a lot. I am always excited when you upload because of the unique vibe your games. It's hard to put my finger on it but it reminds me of old PS Vita VNs (DR1 etc). There's still a lot that feels off at first, for example I think you use a lot of very saturated colors and many details that sometimes make the screen look chaotic in your graphics. But tbh? It kinda grew on me because it adds charme and that retro feelings to your work. Most VNs try to add less and less details and become more minimalistic. It's really hard to come across one that kinda feels like fitting into no mold at all. There's the cutesy aesthetic but dark undertone in your works, so it would make one thing that you probably got inspired by Danganronpa (very visible in your sprites), Zero Escape etc, but your games don't fall into the 'deathgame vn' / survival genre, making it an interesting experience.

Overal I enjoyed this game a lot. It wasn't too long or too short. And it was interesting meeting Kyandi outside her shop (or rather see what she did before that) and seeing what happened to Fritz. I like how your universe is connected.

Things that could be worked on: I must be honest I sadly encountered some bugs that made playing through this a bit annoying. So I stopped playing and picked this back up later X_X Somehow the inventory kept popping up when I tried to skip. There were also a handful of hardpauses that messed with my game (atl got funny) when I tried to skip through the game to get all achievements. It's sad that made it a bit frustrating.

Things that I liked a lot: The ui and atl was a huge step-up from your previous works. The inventory was a clever idea and was fitting for Kyandi. It made the story more lively and visually entertaining. I want to learn how to edit BGs like you so that I don't have to draw that stuff myself when really good photo edits fit into a VN just as much. I also liked the music you composed for this. It's very impressive you made all of this in just one month! O_O

Things that I hope will be added if you make an extra: (SPOILER) It was a bit weird that giving Fritz the items at the end only change a bit of dialogue but didn't really have an influence on the game/ending. I expected that for example getting the tiara at the beginning and giving it to Fritz would have a diffrent effect than giving him the the empty container. It changed a bit of dialogue but the outcome was the same. The inventory was a cool addition but it didn't really serve a purpose aside from using one item to get to the other route/ending. It would have been interesting if I would have to take care of my inventory while playing in order to influence the ending. Maybe that's an idea if you ever update this with the extra scene ; )

That's all for now. EDIT: I tried to rate your game 5 stars but somehow the rate button isn't there : O ?? (it's there for your other games)

Can't wait for the final Aq game ^^