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how will it be handled? I already bought the game at A4, so  no rush on a rpely, just likeing the ideas.
Also is there  to be collision and traffic issues?

When's A5?

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So what's the plans on the waste management? ie landfills and all that? can they get filled up and have to be reflattened etc?
What about having a garbage place for recyclables,  that sorts it, then the plastic\metal\etc has to be delivered elsewhere?

Any clue when A4 will be released? Kinda hoping to have it b4 christmas :D

Consider it bought :)

About to line up to buy this baby myself,

3 questions,

truck Ai whens the rework?
steam  key?

and  waste management still being post release?

as funny as this sounds, the waste part if what got me curious. I've never thought of having a game like this and also having that mechainic as well. I'm pumped to buy this.