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A member registered Nov 04, 2019

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Happy to hear you're doing better ^^
Looking forward to more work from you.

So happy you're not gone and still doing these!
Your art style is so nice!

Hi thank you so much for your hard work!
I will be checking out the new update asap!

Awesome to hear!
I can use it in my project then, as I am working on a mobile title haha

Excited to see the changes.

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Oh! thanks for getting back ^^
Thanks for considering the features!

Yes that's more or less what I had in mind with the "touch/click" support.
Right now you have it set up where you can select a key (default tab) to show or hide the info window.
I was mainly just thinking if there could be a way to add "click/touch" to that dropdown so that mobile interfaces can interact with the "show/hide" button, or just make it always click/touch enabled, as almost all the normal UI supports touch inputs as a valid option to interact with the interface.

Hello, this is a great plugin. However there seems to be lacking some touch screen, or click support (essential for mobile)
Adding an option to "click" the help window rather then a keystroke press would be a nice feature.

Also being able to replace the help window with a graphic would be a nice touch.

Ah, shame, I have a solid amount of art that needs done.
I'll hit you up in a few months, maybe we can work something out if you're interested!

Are you accepting commissioned work?
If so, do you have an email I can contact you though? 

I just got this pack :3
Looking forward to see more from you!

I love your work! these are so great.