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Ein großartiges Spiel, hab es sehr genossen!

Awesome game! Can't wait for the full version. Just encountered a bug, where Christina's phone boot dialogue is not triggered, then got kinda stuck at Vasyl's...

Here are my words of appreciation :-)

Same config file in both versions. I've tried some different parameters but no luck :/

The terminal shows me an error in room15.asc, line 60. Maybe a " missing or something, AGS can be quite picky ;-)

Also here the Linux version didn't work, played the Windows version via Wine on Ubuntu (which ran smoothly out of the box). 

Just finished it, it was an incredible experience! Some of the nicest pixelart I've ever seen... and this story, creepy... Unbelievable you give this away for free, it's a gem!

The strangest thing has happened to me: When I started the linux-version 64bit, the game launched, but turned the whole screen upside-down. Tried the windows version instead in Wine, but then there was only a black screen (the audio worked though).

Wonderful graphics, very atmospheric and creepy!

Great continuation of the first part of the series!

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Great game that catches you in its unique atmosphere

Very well done game, really enjoyed it!