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     when i first came across LUCAH, i was hesitant to try it out; its unique art style and camera movement as depicted in gifs wasn't like anything i'd tried before, and i wasn't sure my low-end laptop could even handle it. though i was unsure back then, i downloaded its demo.
     it's one of the best decisions i think i've ever made.

     now with more than 40 hours logged into the full game (which plays smooth as butter, even on the calculator i'm playing on!), i can tell you with certainty that LUCAH: Born of a Dream is all that it promises and more. it has an intense attention to detail--and delivers on it without letting up at any point.
     mechanically, aesthetically, story-wise, music-wise? LUCAH works effectively on all fronts to immerse you in its nightmarish world from the get-go--and keep you trapped in it. in a good way! not that you'd ever want to leave...

     the "hyperviolence mixtape", for all its tracks, provides an incredible experience.  its tone stays consistent, yet its events and new mechanics surprised me at every turn. NG+ is a whole different beast, for example; it plays by its own set of rules, a natural progression from NG's training wheels.

     there's a lot more i'd love to praise, specific things, but i can't do that without spoiling a bit of the experience. so go on. discover it for yourself! ...and discover yourself through this, while you're at it. 
     to really understand and enjoy everything LUCAH offers, i think you'd have to play through all its endings (much less daunting than it sounds, i assure you). you'd have to pay close attention to what's unfolding. you'd have to give the game the trust it asks for, even when it gets scary.
     especially when it gets scary.

     i love LUCAH, and Lucah, dearly. i don't think i've warmed up to any other video game this quickly and intensely before. give it a try; don't be afraid of falling in love with it, too.