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Bravo, it looks great.
I didn’t understand what all the bonuses are immediately but kept spamming dices to get everything to max speed - bullet hell style :fire: :fire: :fire:

Graphics are very polished, but the gameplay is confusing.
It's hard to understand what is happening:
- is this a 3rd person camera? I see a paper model in front of me, but sometimes it goes under the camera frame, and it looks like 1st person camera.
- movement is super slow, I don't understand what are my tactics, I shoot at at enemy, but don't see how can I outrun it? enemy is constantly near me.
Is this a shooter-like game (then you should feel powerful, more speed, more jumping), or is this is RPG-like game (then you should feel smart, using tactics to outsmart/outmaneuver opponent)?
Focus on the main gameplay and get that feel right, don't over-complicate with spell editor until the battle gameplay feels awesome, and good luck :)

Thanks, I was going for DnD-lite kind of system (which is mostly fighting focused), didn't have enough words to include currencies and items, maybe some factions regarding the lore.

Thanks Between2Worlds :)
 I think maybe numbers are too challenging, GM would need to balance with enemies count and encounters.

Interesting steampunk atmosphere. I like how they need to imagine a peril awaiting them :)