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A member registered Mar 03, 2020

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Do you have an email i could contact you at?



There is nothing wrong with my PayPal account I made purchases both before and after having problems purchasing yours (I couldn't get past the buy it now button with yours). Is there a way to get the sale price still, because 28$ is too high for me.


Im trying to purchase this pack and it wont let me keeps throwing an error when i click on the buy now button. Please investigate I would like to buy this pack while its still on sale. 

When i unzip the file it gives me al these gibberish folders not just a unitypackage file 

How do I import the unity version into Unity? when i unzip it all the files are just gibberish. 

What is the right way to slice up the multiple images? I am getting wonky results 

Is the arena for sale?

Does this support multiple directions (4-8) for top down style gameplay ?