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This Game Both Fun and Terrifying At The Same Time

Great Game Waiting For The Full Game

Im Ready For The Full Release 

Really Good Game 

I Enjoyed This Game Alot 

This Game Was Frustrating, But A Great Experience. Great Game

Great Game Waiting For The Full Game

Nice Game

So Many Jumpscares But I Ate Them All So It Isn't A Big Deal

I Really Enjoyed This Game

This Game Was Scarier Than I Expected

A mixture of child hood and creepiness Nice

That baby JumpScare Really Got Great Game

Enjoyed This Game Alot 

Waiting For The Next Chapter

I Love How This Game Is Both Goofy and Terrifying

I Really Enjoyed This Game

This Game Was Great The Baby Was Terrifying

Great Game

Great Game

It's Always Demon Babies Great Game (Second Game BTW)

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Very Good Job Of Keeping ME Creeped The Entire Game ( First Game BTW)

Saved Ginger Mary Better Be Paying Extra

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This Game Is Very Challenging Spent a Hour and Got Nowhere I will Be Back

Kept Me Me Scared The Whole Time Great Game

This Game Is Both Interesting and Funny Great Job

Being a Maid Is Hard Enjoyed The Game Alot Though

F In The Chat For Austin

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This Game Is Very Interesting Cant Wait For The Full Realease


Enjoyed This Game Very Much

Great Game (First Game BTW)

Wanna Sprite Cranberry? (Second Game Btw)

Music Was Amazing 

The quality Of This Game was Amazing 

Great Game Was Terrified The Entire Time

Its always Abandoned Buildings Enjoyed the Game That Scott Jumpscare Really Got.

Struggled A Bit But Made It Through Great Game 

Litterally Was Scared The Entire Ga

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Had To Think After Great Game

Nice Game 

Second Game Btw

This Got Dark Quick