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Short and sweet. The ending left me feeling a little disappointed, but it wasn't that long of a game so I'll take it for what it is. Good job!

Short, sweet, and not exactly "scary" but definitely fun! Is episode 2 out yet?

Fantastic game. Not sure I want to play through it to get a better grade, though I do like things with multiple endings. Maybe one day I will. Regardless, fantastic game

I'm gonna use context clues to tell you what I think the story is. Based on the character's height compared to the light switches, the fridge, and the kitchen counters, I'm gonna say he/she is between the ages of 10 and 12. The character woke up in the dead of night with a RED SOLO cup dying of thirst. The tea kettle started whistling and the TV turned on, with a sweet ass Gamecube right beside it. I think, this kid is a party LEGEND. Got turnt playing Gamecube with a drink in their hand. Went to bed, and the shadow creature made some tea hoping to cure the kid's hangover. All in all, wholesome game

I can't seem to find a difference between the two endings. Is one a gun shot and the other is you being put to rest?

Holy hell, this game is terrifying in the best way possible, and I hate horror games. I chose to redownload this game because it is imo a masterpiece. Good job!

I HATE horror. Movies, games, you name it. Except haunted houses. Those don't scare me. Anyway, I hate horror, yet I chose to REDOWNLOAD this game. That says a lot. I want to replay it, but I know that I'll be an anxious mess the whole time. Maybe I'll get my girlfriend to play it instead. Make her suffer too. Great game!

The only thing I regret about playing this game is waiting until day two or three to click on EVERYTHING. I talked to all the people every day, but I didn't bother checking everything until a couple days in. Perhaps I'll give it a replay since it only took like 20 minutes tops to play it. Fantastic game

Short, sweet, and the perfect level of scary for me! Or, maybe creepy. I don't do well with horror, so this was nice. My brother is a 3rd shift custodian. I'll probably have him play this for his birthday in a couple months. Good job with the game!

I really liked how the library would change, the position of the mannequins or whatever they were, and the big shadow guy. However I was a little disappointed in that it was a rather short walking simulator. Was kinda hoping for more story. But hey, for what it was I think you did a great job. Maybe your next project can be more in depth? Constructive criticism

Once leaving the beach and getting into the room with the monitor I started lagging. I'd rubber band to places I was turning from, turning to, etc. It's unfortunate because I was looking forward to playing this