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here i am commenting on the second chapter only two hours later after commenting on the first one, maybe i should've played this sometime i wasnt as tired as i am now bc i cant remember much (besides loving bao's oc and the bit of backstory for characters [and also the "it all depends on perspective ;)" line from the beetle, winky face indeed]) spend the same amount of time as the last one, and really excited to play the third later!!

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just finished playing and i'm in love with b.r. keeper, its official!!  it took me a while to understand the card games but in general i think i spent almost two hours playing, its a very cool first episode and i can't wait to play the other two !!!! honorable mention to bao writing fanfic and "orbs" (and it took me way too long to realize what show the rose blue [ rose?] files were inspired on... :P )