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Thank you, WinLu. I love your work. I hope buy out this pack soon. Regards!

This looks great!

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Hi, WinLu. Is this another update form "outside tilesets"?. Because, I can´t download it. As far I remeber, I can download it IF I buy since the fist pack. Regards!


Fixed. My apologies. I hope to see more updates and new material. Regards!

Thank you, for the honest answer and I´m tracking the project. Regards!

Hi and WOW... This loks amazing!. Guys, I know it´s not easy... But, can you please give a try to make it multiplayer?. And, IF it´s possible can you please add this weapons and armor for the sprites characters?:

Rapier:english-rapier-c-1640-96-452-98-88-european-fns4203-limited-product-faganarms_312.jpg (266×2641) (

Estoc: estoc-sword-3d-model-low-poly-max-obj-mtl-fbx-tga.jpg (1920×1080) (

Fullplate Armor: (3) maximilian armour. 3d modeling demo reel - YouTube

Regards and thank you, for your work and time.

Hi. This looks great. Questions:

- Can this be added into RPG Maker MZ, Unity or other engine?

- Is this just to make maps? (Just for make art)

Looking foward for this. Regards!

Hi. Is this can be work with sprites / character more bigger?

sv-base-male_orig.png (576×576) (


Thank you!

Hi.  If I buy the tileset <exterior> it will include all (update 1, 2, 3 ....) the upcomings update in the exteriors or Am I need to buy them each one?. Regards! 

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Hi. Is it possible to use with this plugins?:

MZ3D - 3D Rendering Plugin for RPG Maker MZ by Cutievirus (


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Hi. Looks amazing, please also work in mountains and caves (indoors). Thank you, WinLu!

Excellent. Thank you, for the answer. I´m looking foward for all that material.

Hi. Are you working in the Indoors Tileset for that?.  Thank you!

Hi.  Can you make a version for RPG Maker XP?. Regards!