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oh big same

I've been busy with work/life but here are some recent holiday doodles

It's almost Halloween so here's best girl Alice <3

oh she's super cute, Viktor and her are my faves :)

oh it's one of the air brush tools on the SketchBook X app, I like how it turns out soft and muted and doesn't completely overrun the black base sketch lines :) I work full-time and my boss is on vacation for 2 weeks so I've been pretty absent, I think I only caught one of the new updates and I think one video on YouTube, I see some new user names on here .^_.^ glad the game is getting more fans

I threw them up on Google Drive, does this work for you:

the only new one is an updated Myers-Viktor I did at work while on lunch today :\ the other ones I usually do post on this page :)

RIP I work on Halloween so I wanted to acknowledge it in advance

I was trying to think of what horror characters the other faculty would be but all I thought of was Head Teacher as Carrie and Marzia as a Bobblehead Nurse from Silent Hill

As a fan of the Halloween series, Halloween in general, and Viktor, here's a quick doodle

hey uhhhh no

He's crying because there are no takers 

I had to go to jury duty on Monday morning and while I was sitting there for 4 hours doing absolutely nothing but numbing both asscheeks while waiting to hear if I had to stay or got to leave I thought about how funny it wouls be if there was a Halloween mod or something that enabled Casual Friday outfits and roughly doodled some:

That memelord Viktor is my favorite 

Honestly I think I hate Mr. Mix the most

Thank you!! Alice is a very close second after Viktor for my favorite, and I like her angry form more than her normal one :0  so cuuute <3

thank you! my style is basically "please let this turn out looking somewhat like the thing I'm trying to draw"

I don't know if you use a phone with a stylus or a tablet to ever draw but what I've been using (when it's not paper and pencil) is this app called Sketchbook X, it's free and there are a few different drawing brushes that can help your art look very different. I used a wedge brush for this Alice since it's my favorite one (usually).

thanks again and no worries, you gotta create your own content too :)

thanks! she's my second favorite character <3

that would be a dream honestly ;U;

I've been sick for almost a week and haven't drawn much but I love the progress on the History level so far ;3; 

 here's an Alice doodle, I forgot to look at a reference photo and I think she's more shadow than flesh color in-game, oops

I was bored on my lunch at work and also over-caffeinated so I drew the blight of my life

(I love all the art posts today too, they're so cute and I like seeing each artist's individual style :'] )

I looooooove ittttttt :0

Alice is my second fave after Viktor, she can hug me any time  .^_.^

miscellaneous AEWVS stuff

I posted this link I think uhhhhhh back when I first heard about this game ~3 months ago but I added a few more memes/doodles to it so

also I numbered the comics weird so 1a and 1b are one comic set, 2a and 2b are another comic set, etc.

maybe it's Marzia Sin Brazos?

Here's one of the original doodles colored in SketchBook X

I spent too much time on this and got lazy RIP 

It might take some time but I'll put one of the smaller drawings in my phone's sketch app and see if it turns out okay, I'll post it if it does and I can gradually work on the rest

it's true :0

Thanks! I've been drawing since I was a kid but don't have any training so I always feel wary of how the art turns out. 

Also I feel like this game can generate a lot of potentially funny moments, like even in the very first level Viktor is trying to talk to you and most players are just digging through the trash furiously while he has to pretend like everything is normal, it must look so weird from his POV

I was wondering why Viktor was on the Language level and then I thought of this:

I added numbers to help keep it in order since it's all over the place. Also for panel 6 Google Translate said that was "what the fuck" in Russian,  sorry if it's wrong

My handwriting is still atrocious but I am excite for more Alice content. She kinda reminds me of a Mii

No it's just the static art of her when you first get to the level

is it okay to post a hastily drawn comic ft. Alice or is that a spoiler and shouldn't be posted


me immediately after seeing AEWVS has  been canceled:

He said he was going to start working on updating the whole 2nd level so it will probably take some time.

dump of Viktor doodles since his ass loves to jumpscare you so damn much

I know the time before he activates now has been changed, but 

sorry for my garbage handwriting/anatomy but there is no way Marzia willingly included that sentence in the notebooks on her own

I'm easily entertained and also drawing in Snapchat is hard

If you right-click on the .rar file, there should be a 7-zip option, and you can use that to extract the files. If you don't have 7-zip installed you should be able to search for a free version on Google to help extract them. After that if you double-click on the Strobovski program inside the folder it should ask you to download Unreal Engine to run it if you don't already have it installed. And then you're good to go.

@mrdrnose god I hope your comment was sarcasm because your game being scary and challenging is fun. Adding the difficulty modes was cool because it allows gamers of varying skill to complete the game and get practice in so hopefully they can advance to a higher difficulty (and get lucky with item drops/notebook spawns). I think subtitles would make every difficulty Lil puss mode, it would be game breakingly easy with them. And please keep it scary it's awesome, I adore the creepy atmosphere and getting jumpscared

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^me whenever a new update gets released

also has anyone else seen the white hooded guy who appears in the window of the garden area? he slides out of view to the left when you approach and he's nowhere once you enter into the area, it's the place where you get the red staff keys with all the trees. I've seen him 3 times now and it's driving me crazy, I can't figure out if he's just there for spoops or what

I wasn't sure where to post/send this so here are some random doodles/shitty memes I made for your awesome game :)