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This is a charming little toy! Great work on the cohesive style and creating a relaxing experience with your art and music and gameplay choices!

This is really great!

Great, the download works now! 1.6 GB is way too much for a tiny game jam entry, though. I don't know the ins and out's of UE, but that's something you really should have a look at. I'm guessing you are shipping the entire starter kit instead of just the stuff you are using in the game.

I did try it out and I like the atmosphere and the Resident Evil 2 vibe with the camera, shadows and the scary enemies. It's particularly cool that the shadows of the enemies are very helpful gameplay wise!

The controls felt really weird to me, because they are somewhat like car controls, but for a character and mixed with the mouse for turning. This would be the first order of business in my opinion: Fix the character controller. Basically copy the controls of any sensible twin stick shooter and you are golden.

Can't figure out how to drag towers to the map. I clicked on the gray things, does nothing, tried dragging the symbols on the bottom right, does nothing. :(

Maybe my Browser is the problem. It's Vivaldi which is Chromium based and usually works for HTML5 games.

The basic idea is cool, but the problem is that I don't feel like I can do anything tactical to win. I just have to hope that a lot of balls happen to be in the same place so I can catch them.

Can't download from your Google Drive without requesting access from you -> not my cup of tea.

Nice work! I like your stylistic choices, music, sound, visuals are cool overall experience!

The standout issue for me: The pause after choosing an upgrade is annoying me quite a bit. I tried pressing any sensible button, but it seems to be on a timer that can't be interrupted.

Congrats on finishing your first game!!!


Points of confusion for me:

- for a moment I thought my shots can't destroy asteroids because it took a long time to shoot a big one apart and there was no clear feedback, that I was damaging it (the cracks aren't that noticeable and they take a while to show up early in the game)

- same problem with enemy ships, I thought I can't damage them, until a bit later

- a couple more about the relation between my ship and the base and whether I'm supposed to focus on destroying asteroids or destroy enemies at my base, but I can't remember exactly

Cool game! A couple of things are confusing since there are no feedback systems yet, but it's already fun!

Thank you, great update! The dockable and movable windows and the internal console made a big difference in usability for me!

Had trouble getting into it, but ok. Every move in the very beginning has to be correct or you die. I tried building new bases, but I died too often, got annoyed, deleted the game.

Still, kinda fun, but you have to be a better player than I am.

Audio is solid, graphics are imho too minimalistic because they don't communicate everything the player needs to know to understand what's going on (example: batteries draining when put them next to each other, there's no logic to it and my conclusion was: ok, one power station per room, not many).

The game is very punishing which is fitting and works because every run is very short and you don't have to wait for the level to reload. Personally, I really don't like escape as a restart button even if you think it's funny, because in games that make me restart a lot of times like super meat boy or hotline miami, I want to leave my hands where they are while playing and hit a non-gameplay-key (so I don't accidently restart while not ready). Just use 'r' like the rest of them!

That's it, congrats on your first published game!

Really great work!

I like the look you've chosen! Nice animations, too!

The game feels like the original, nice work :)

The build I downloaded did not crash. I'm on Win10 Home.

Fun game, good work! At first I was overly cautious because I thought the cars would smash into the giants feet and I'd be reset back to the last checkpoint, but after the first run through I finally got it :)

Nice work! I enjoyed the game, thank you!

Great job on making the game's rules clear without any written instructions!

If you continue working on it, I would suggest you use some visual clues about the direction of the connections and use the same color for vertical and horizontal connections because the orange color suggested to me, that something about the vertical connections was wrong.

Also the ability to undo the last connection would be great (maybe by right clicking on the last connection? You could make this discoverable by some mouse over clue)

Great graphics and presentation in general!

Not the biggest fan of the fiddly controls but I don't like RTS games in general, so I guess I'm a fairly tough judge  in that respect, sorry.

I do like the idea of protecting my chickens with lanterns from that shadow creature though :)

Honestly, I like that you didn't care too much about the theme since you had a good concept and it was fun :) Great work!