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Fun game, good work! At first I was overly cautious because I thought the cars would smash into the giants feet and I'd be reset back to the last checkpoint, but after the first run through I finally got it :)

Nice work! I enjoyed the game, thank you!

Great job on making the game's rules clear without any written instructions!

If you continue working on it, I would suggest you use some visual clues about the direction of the connections and use the same color for vertical and horizontal connections because the orange color suggested to me, that something about the vertical connections was wrong.

Also the ability to undo the last connection would be great (maybe by right clicking on the last connection? You could make this discoverable by some mouse over clue)

Great graphics and presentation in general!

Not the biggest fan of the fiddly controls but I don't like RTS games in general, so I guess I'm a fairly tough judge  in that respect, sorry.

I do like the idea of protecting my chickens with lanterns from that shadow creature though :)

Honestly, I like that you didn't care too much about the theme since you had a good concept and it was fun :) Great work!