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Saturn Murray

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how do I make it ZIP?

aaaaaaa i cannot play it on my computer!! it will not let me open RAR formats ;_;

this looks so amazing. I have not played it yet but just WOW looks so promising this is really really amazing looking. cant wait to play it!!!!!

Wowza this game is really really fun, humour is greAT. I am making a visual novel of my own and yours has been an inspiration! I hope you keep going with this game! (I was reading through your script like a high grade black hat hacker,  just to see how you programmed certain things in!! For educational purposes i promise, I hope it is okay.) 

I wanna draw fanart for this!! Should i tag you on Tumblr? your characters are really funny. 

thank you for making this game! i ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH.

thank you so much!!!!