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Modus nails atmosphere yet again. Your games are the best.

Fun and surreal, classic Modus. Love it.

The longer you stare, the better it gets.

The aesthetic is amazing, I also love that you accomplished so much with two whole weeks left on the game jam deadline. I've been endlessly impressed with Modus (and much of broadly) since being introduced through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. Awesome work--can't wait to try more of your titles.

This RULED. Loved the way that hints of the overarching story bled into the narrative as you make your way through, and the progressive instability really sold me. I had a lot of fun with it, and look forward to your future projects!

Short, sweet, bloody trek into an abstract dreamscape. Loved it.

Straightforward but incredibly effective concept, I had a weird creepy time. I really enjoy cryptic storytelling that speaks for itself without much exposition, and this really delivered!

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Any known issues with Please Follow crashing in Windows 10 64 Bit? I've tried several different compatibility modes, graphics settings, and even Run As Administrator, but all attempts get the same result: the game sits at the "Loading" screen for several seconds and then Windows' usual "Please Follow has stopped working" pops up and the game closes. Would love any advice.