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I have the very same bug to report. Possibly because I was expected to scythe the flower and when I did something else instead, it triggered the scene panning?

The first boss can be defeated while standing outside the entry door. When you do so, he stands just off-screen and takes damage. Once you kill him and enter, the entry door closes behind you and the post-boss door never opens, leaving you in an empty boss room. They never told Rubrick adventuring would be like this!

No, it would just show Rubrick standing on the grass.

Whups! Bug report! I'm in the Forest, and evidently encountered a boss of some kind. I got the sound like some text was displaying, but no text. And now Rubick's just frozen there - he can look left and right, but no motion, magick select options, or magick selection menu. So it's just Rubick standing in the Forest while ominous music plays and loops.