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From my experience, I couldn't complete the puzzles when using the video settings x2 x4 etc... The only one that worked is fullscreen "stretch, respect aspect ratio", I think the upscaling kinda mess up the hitboxes.

Hello guy ! I discovered your remake totally by accident while searching pictures for a video about the historical inspirations of Illusion of Gaia and then, I made a video about it too !

You can see it there : 

It's in french, I don't know if you can understand anything haha. But I'm saying that I'm pleasantly surprised that someone is working about that, the characters are very cute and I struggle a bit with the controls (and the stairs) but it's a really early alpha demo so it's totally logical. I wish you the best for this project !

If you're interested by the "inspirations" video about Illusion of Gaia, I made english subtitles for it (and I guess spanish translated subtitles from french work too) :

Bien joué les gars, une fois un bouton "recommencer" ajouté, le jeu sera très bon ! J'ai parlé de votre jeu dans ma review :

Bonne continuation :)