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Well it's weird because I think I press as quick as yourself but the bar doesn't progress as fast as in your video.
I used mesen and plugged in my controller to be sure these aren't the cause and I don't think they are.
I recorded two tries, you can see the input on the right bottom :

That's what I do, I've only been able to beat the first champ (the mullet guy) with an autofire.
The difficulty curve is harsh, the first opponents are very easy and the first champ is very hard, the next ones are even worse.
How many opponents are there ?

J'arrive pas à battre le premier champion XD, j'arrive à faire progresser la barre mais il la refait baisser régulièrement du coup j'suis toujours autour du milieu et au bout d'un moment il m'écrase d'un coup sec :(

Hello there ! :) I loved your game and included it in my LD50 reviews :

Hi there ! :)
I loved your game and included it in my LD50 reviews :

Congratulations the visuals are stunning !

Hello there !
I loved your game and made a quick review video (in french XD) about it :

Congratulations ! :)

I love the game but 50 % of the time there is a problem with the attack, I can't attack repeatedly without some strange delays happening between the hits and the slimes end up jumping on me.

From my experience, I couldn't complete the puzzles when using the video settings x2 x4 etc... The only one that worked is fullscreen "stretch, respect aspect ratio", I think the upscaling kinda mess up the hitboxes.

Hello guy ! I discovered your remake totally by accident while searching pictures for a video about the historical inspirations of Illusion of Gaia and then, I made a video about it too !

You can see it there : 

It's in french, I don't know if you can understand anything haha. But I'm saying that I'm pleasantly surprised that someone is working about that, the characters are very cute and I struggle a bit with the controls (and the stairs) but it's a really early alpha demo so it's totally logical. I wish you the best for this project !

If you're interested by the "inspirations" video about Illusion of Gaia, I made english subtitles for it (and I guess spanish translated subtitles from french work too) :

Bien joué les gars, une fois un bouton "recommencer" ajouté, le jeu sera très bon ! J'ai parlé de votre jeu dans ma review :

Bonne continuation :)