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7 minutes ago. woooo!

i really like the art style. good job

good game

Oh, ok. And when is the free version coming out?

What time are you guys on? I live in Germany and it 2 hours past midnight. I want to know so I can time when the game would come out in my area. Thanks!

I am so excited for the next update

It was still the best h-scene in the game though! but as a feedback and not hate, you guys should probably focus in making so that it would make it longer. but good job anyways

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you know what? i really loved the h-scene but that was a bit underwhelming. the update was so short!

love the game. when will the full version come out? it seems that you guys are close to 1.0.


march updates?

you are right on that one sir

5 and a half hours left

love the game, but can you please tell me how do i check the release map?