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Wow. This game was fantastic! Enjoyed everything about it. Brilliant jumpscares and awesome graphics. With talent like yours you’ll go far. Can’t wait to see more you do. Keep up the great work. 

Check out my gameplay below. 

really enjoyed this.. them jumpscares a got me good. Don’t think I’ll be cleaning your house again though!  

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Creepy little game. Shame we couldn't save Wooly :(
Keep up the great work

I enjoy this game so much, LOVE the updates that you have done to this game, very good I love that it's longer and that there's a whole new different part. Really looking forward to any more updates you bring to this game!! Keep up the great work! 

Really fun and quirky game. Had Jump scares in the right places (They got me good) Very different and unique, could do with being a little bit longer, maybe knowing it a bit more about the story? Like are we going mad? Is this real? Or is this just a big scary dream?
All in all very good concept and cool game 

Keep up the great work!! 

Here is my game play :) 

Really liked the style of this game, very different concept to horror. Really enjoyed it, thought it was fab! Little bit confused by what happened at the end, but I dunno if that's just me haha!!
Really hope to see more like this 

Keep up the great work

play through below :) x

This is fantastic. Really enjoyed this, had some really creepy vibes and some really good jumpscares in there.
I love the concept behind this. Looking forward to finding out what more you're going to bring to the full game. It really has a lot of potential. Keep up the great work

Love the changes that you've made to this. Definitely making me excited for the full game.
I really enjoyed the original demo to this, but this is absolutely fantastic. All the right creepy and scary vibes in all the right places and the jumpscares were brill. Really terrifying. Excited to find out more of the story to this. 
Keep up the fantastic work.

Here is my gameplay :) x

Really enjoyed this great game. Made me jump a couple of times :) 
I ended up with the bad ending, will deffo okay again to see if I can get the good ending! 

Keep up the great work :) 

Really enjoyed this, short and sweet. The jumpscares got me good! 
Keep up the great work :) 

All round fab game. Great atmosphere and super scary spooks.

Love all of the games you have made they certainly have the right element of scare in them. You really are fantastic at making horror games.
I'm hoping you continue with 'FDTD' as I really enjoyed that demo and would love to see the full version.

Keep up the amazing work!

Here is part 2 of my game play x

Absolutely brilliant

Here is part 1 of my game play x

Absolutely fantastic game! Enjoyed every second of it even if it did scare the bejesus outta me :')
Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next one

Here is my play through x

Really enjoyed this. Looking forward to the full game. 
Great atmosphere and some pretty good spooks. Keep up the great work :)

Here is my play through :)
Have a nice day x

Absolutely loved this, really enjoyed it.
Really good creepy atomsphere.
Keep up the great work.

Here is my game play if you wanna check it out :)

Everything about this game is just incredible! The atmosphere is just phenomenal and the graphics are hands mown superb! So much so that my laptop can’t handle them at ultra :( 

Keep up the fantastic work!  

Here is part 2 of my game play 

WOW!!! Another fantastic game from yourselves, having only played the 'From Day To Day' Demo I told myself I will be playing more of your games as I really like the style of horror that you bring!
I found 'Summer of '58' on steam and was like OMG I gotta play it!! You have outdone yourselves yet again truly fantastic! All the right scares in the right places! It takes a lot to make a game that truly terrifies you and you've done just that! I have never been so scared whilst playing a horror game there were points where I actually didn't want to continue cos i was just so terrified!!

Well done this game is incredible!! Keep up the amazing work!

Here is part 1 to my game play!! I look forward to finishing it off and will definitely be playing your other games!

This demo is fantastic!
The story line had me hooked straight away.
The atmosphere was incredibly eerie and kept you on edge the whole time!
I am really looking forward to the full game as I have so many questions that need to be answered!
Job well done!! Keep up the great work :)

Here is my game play below if you wanna check it out :) 

This is absolutely brilliant!!
Although not many jumpscares the atmosphere was spot on really gave you a sense of paranoia.

Looking forward to the next epsiode!!
Keep up the great work!!

Here is my game play :)
Have a great day!

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Really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere was really creepy and the jump scares were bang on! 
Would like to know more about the story line!
Keep up the great work!

Here is my game play below if you fancy watching :)
Have a great day! 

I enjoyed this game. I really liked the idea behind this.
Had a few little spooks in there, only thing that i felt let it down for me was the flashlight not being very bright and not giving off a lot of ligh and when getting closer to walls it went really dark and I couldn't see, was very disorientating, but if that's the vibe you're going for then great job :) 

Overall a good little game :)

Gameplay below :) vid starts at 0:26

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This game was absolutely brilliant! Really enjoyed this, loved how different it was, deffo gave me creepy vibes!
Keep up the great work!!

Gameplay below vid starts at 12:00

Enjoyed every second of this game! Was brilliant! Keep up the good work!

Gameplay below vid starts at 32:54

Really enjoyed this game. Was absolutely fantastic! The storyline behind it is very good! Liked the idea of having to capture photos of things to reveal memories and find clues, even the fact that the character is being folllowed around makes it just down right creepy!!

Only thing I can recommend changing is the volume of some of the music and sounds or at least having the ability to change the volume yourself. I found that it was a bit too loud in certain areas which was a bit too overpowering.

But other than that it was great little game and I look forward to the release of the full game. Keep up the great work!

Here is my game play down below :)

Really enjoyed this game! Very fun with a touch of creepiness to it! Made me jump a couple of times 🤣🤣 
Keep up the good work!! 
Here is my gameplay :) x 

That's awesome news! I shall definitely keep my eyes peeled for that!!

Really good game, enjoyed it!!
The lil jumpscares got me haha!!
Keep up the good work
Here is my playthrough 

Played this yesterday, I can now see that you're planning on updating again soon so I shall deffo be revisiting.
Really enjoyed it, creeped me out a little bit, I'm looking forward to the final product!
The atmosphere was fantastic and the graphics are fabulous, I did have to turn them down from ultra to high cos it started lagging a little bit, but I don't mind that!
I would love there to be more jumpscares, is the scary looking monster lookinmg thing in your picture going to come into play? Because that would be insane!!

Keep up the great work!

Here's my playthrough :)

I really enjoyed this, very different idea which I loved! I’m not gonna lie I was very confused hahaha especially when it started over again I was like, wait what, I think played through it three times hahaha! Well done keep up the great work!! 

Here is my gameplay :) 

Really enjoyed this game, I'm scared of mannequins in games and this just gave me such a frighten!!
great work! Keep it up :)

Here is my game play x

I enjoyed this game. 
Feel as though its a bit similar to PT which is cool :)
Looking forward to seeing where this goes, I'd like to know what happened.
Only thing i would suggest is to maybe change the font or make it a bit easier to read because its a bit hard to make out :')

But overall a good game :)

Here is my playthrough x

Wow!!! This was fantastic!!
Really well made, the atmosphere was really creepy.

I need to know if the full game is availabe yet? Or is it still in production?? I need more!!! Hahah..
10/10 well done and keep up the great work!!!

Here is my gameplay :) x

LOVED this game, I had a lot of fun with this one. Really good idea very different :)
Fantastically done!!
This did take me far too long to complete because I did it a bit backwards lol and kept getting attacked by those pesky gnomes, for some reason a couple of points throughout they started spawning in where I re spawned and because I was out of chocolate I just died straight away which did make me very nearly rage quit hahah!!! But I got through it in the end :) and I'm very glad I did because it was soooo good!!!

Great work!! Keep it up!! Looking forward to more projects you do :)
Check out my game play :) starts at 23:15 x

This game was really good, I don't usually go for games like this because I tend to suck and get angry, but I'm super glad I did decide to play. Really good idea, loved it, it did however take me far too long to complete (but that's cos i suck) and I did get a bit stressed with it hahah, but I got there in the end haha!! 
Awesome storyline too!!
Great work!!
Check out my game play :) starts at 6:33 x

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Really enjoyed this one, good jumpscares. Was a little bit gutted towards the end because it wouldn't let me see what was happening haha. great work.

check out my gameplay, starts at 1:04 :) x

This game was really good! I’d never played a game like this before so really enjoyed this one! Must admit I am slightly confused by the story line but it was enjoyable :) great work! Keep it up! 
here is my game play below :) 

Really enjoyed this game!!

Was very trippy and I was very confused 😂 because I didn’t really fully understand what was happening 😂 

The detail was good, I loved all the sounds they made me jump every time!!! 
Very different! 
Great work! Keep it up! 

Check out my game play :) x 



I don’t know how I find out what video card it has hahaha 

It was very good!! Fantastic work!! Looking forward to the full version that's for sure. I will also be playing your other game as well :)

Processor - Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-9300H CPU @2.4GHz



System type - 64-bit Operating system, x64-based processor

Is that all you need? I just copied what I could down, I don't know a great deal about PCs hahaha