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Do you have a version of this with colored outline instead of black ones

Is it possible to get the background only?

Alright thank you, I really appreciate it!

Where is the Haïtian flag?

Do we have to buy them all if we only need one set of layers?

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Thank you

Could you add a dash animation?

Can we get the background seperated in layers for parallax scrolling? If so, is it possible to only these backgrounds

Is it possible to pay just for the background images?

Is there a way to pay only for the background?

I like the content and I'll be using that in my game. Keep it up!

Who made the assets for this game?

Awesome! Thank you!

is it possible to get only the characters?

Ok and if I buy this now, will I be able to download the update for this pack?

Can you add a dash animation? If so I'd buy this pack because to me its the only thing that its missing

Did you draw the characters on these examples?