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Don't worry, the experience wasn't ruined because of it

I like the concept behind the game and the world becoming more and more twisted based on your heart beating as the fear envelops you. The only complaint is interacting with objects which you need most of the time to spam E to activate. Overall, great game.

The story and atmosphere were excellent in delivering the horror aspect, especially with keeping you on your toes all the time and expecting something to pop off yet it didn't. Great game.

If they start crying demonically, just bonk them a few times. Good game.

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It feels disorienting with the small amount of light and the cave structure, which add unease as you try to find your way out. A very good and eerie atmosphere you created. Solid game.


An unsettling yet charming game.

A very intriguing story and horror aspect. The chain part was comedy gold. A great game.

I really like the movement system in this one and the loop system like P.T. , especially when turning off and on your flashlight. The atmosphere and environment are great and eerie. Great monster design as well. Very impressive for a game made in a day. A solid good game.

I adore the voxel visuals on this one and really well done. A short and fun game with a good twist in the end. Great game.

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The slow build up and constant suspense of what might happen only to be surprised by the plot twist. Superb game.

Unique gameplay with an intriguing backstory and characters. It was unsettling to go through each door. Good game.

The first jumpscare startled me. The second stage of the game was good. Anything else felt like a reference of Spider-Man "Pizza Time", Silent Hill and the Skeleton Roasting meme at the end.

Your compliments mean a lot, thank you.

I do like the visual aesthetics and it was quite unnerving driving the buss. I do also appreciate the Technoblade reference. Good game.

Great visual effects and the players movements were very immersive rather than just stiff. The zoom effect enhanced further the visual horrors. I was at unease all the time. The wiggling at the end though was funny. A short yet solid and enjoyable game. 

A good quality and intriguing game with its tape and mechanics. I also quite like the outro. I enjoyed it a lot.

You do know how to make the characters quite charming. A very enjoyable gameplay and story. Had a lot of fun.

Silly demons can't get to me, I commit tax evasion all the time.
Superb game.

Very much enjoyed this one and its story behind it. I like the different jumpscares you can encounter and die. Have me quite a few scares.

Playing even at day this game was difficult to go through. Amazing game.

Inspiration from Bonnie's Bakery. A great choice indeed, especially for your first game.  The 3rd perspective caught me off guard and the twist is superbly done. 

The game greatly captures the Bioshock atmosphere with its psx visuals which only add charm to the game. The puzzles were fun to discover and the enemy wasn't too difficult to shake off and only added a bit of intensity to the game. A short and enjoyable game.

Intriguing gameplay and story. That outro though... Thank you for the banger.

For your first game it shows that you have talent. The visual presentation, the overall visuals, smooth movement and controls, smooth monster animations, proper capture of the horror aspect and atmosphere and no clipping. You have a lot of potential. A solid short game.


I really like the cover. The gameplay is okay.

Visually aesthetic, unique gameplay and very intriguing story. I appreciate the voice acting and the badass design of the Witch. I enjoyed the demo a lot. I'm excited to see how the story continues.

I really appreciate the interactivity with objects and having more than a linear option to choose from. Very visually aesthetic and intriguing story. Had lots of fun playing and i'm excited for the full release.

Aesthetic retro visuals and simply excellent gameplay and story.

Really liked the visual style of the game and the pacing as you slowly uncover more disturbing sights. A short yet fun game.

I liked the quotes, the questions and answers were fun and the carboard startled me a few times. The only dislike I have is the walking through the tunnel that feels stiff. A short and fun game.

The style and atmosphere are great. Very unnerving dealing with spiders.

I really liked the visuals which looked very realistic and the jittering animation. Short yet enjoyable game.

The first time encountering it startled me. Atmospheric and creepy and it was fun going through all the notes.

A short but good game. I really liked the ending, whistling the birthday song and locking you was quite twisted.


Traversing through this game the first time was frightening but after a while it strangely became charming. I quite enjoyed the visuals and the fun twist.

I adore such VHS visual effects. The background story is very captivating with great horror progression and eerie atmosphere. I enjoyed it a lot.