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I think my comment was deleted lol, here was my gameplay for indonesian people

Hearwarming and cute, its make me want to get out of pot:>

It's kinda scary but short one so i wanted moree! And maybe some lore to kicked in? Like that mannequiene intimidating me in some way. I'm Indonesian people and i made a video about it.

This game is like little snack that make you wanna bite it when lack of fun, so simple but quite awesome! I make a gameplay for Indonesian people, hehe.

It just incredible, has a story line and after we cook we can actually eat it and the taste of the food will displayed to us. I expect this game has more level, but i know developing an amazing game must be hard effort, so keep it up!

It so hard, ngl, but i can master it so now call me jedi

I scared, help

This is cute and i like it, but it was too short.

Keren sih bro, ditunggu update-an terbaru karena masih  ada bug, tetap semangat!

Gue tamatin nih wkwkwk

Oh thanks for the information, i will buy the game ASAP, i have a great expectation to your game:>

I'm from Indonesian, and if there any of you indonesian people, feel free to watch my video, Thanks!

And for the review, i really enjoyed this game. The mechanic and story is make me curious about next chapter. I so excited, thank you developer, hope this game will be full release soon!