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Any Chance I could get the source code?
I really liked the Game Idea and would like to continue the game, since you certainly had no intention to continue it as it was made in 48 hours for a Jam.

I just wish the game was longer or had a feature to allow custom bombs

Now theres two things that I dont like about this game:
1. Footstep sound.
Now this one is not that bad, its just that you hear your footsteps twice if you press 2 walking buttons at the same time. So if you want to walk diagonally by pressing w and a you hear yourself twice.

2. The end
I dont know if that was just me or if it was intended, but I downloaded 2.7gb for a game that takes around 5 minutes. I wonder where all that data went, I only get to a point where I find a flashlight and a note and later I get to see that face and im dead ._.

Is there ever going to be an update?

I've downloaded this game like 2 years ago and its still at v1.03