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Hi Bobinmae,

Do send us an email with your donation info at monsoonlab [at] and we will issue a refund immediately. In the meantime we have released a new update, so hopefully the game will work for you now.

Thank you very much for your kind support!

Hey Caragio,

Really sorry for the technical issues. We've just uploaded a new version, can you give it another shot?

We just updated a new version. Can you try downloading it again?

Hi Sindere-chan, we are working on a fix which should resolve some of the reported problems. In the meantime we would like to offer a refund to you (let us know how we can do that). Thank you very much for your support, and we hope you'll be able to play the game soon!

Yes we are :D

We're looking into it now. A fix is coming real soon

We're looking into the problem now. A fix will be out soon!

We're really glad you enjoyed it!

It's going to be ready sooner than you think! :)

Yes, coming soon!

Happy to report that you won't have to wait until Halloween. And thank you! :)

We hope that you'll like the demo as much as we had a good time making it. Thank you!

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Thanks for the support and kind words! If everything goes well, there's a chance the demo might be ready just before Halloween. We hope that you'll enjoy the game once it's out!