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just found another PDF game, with more play time, with good story :D

thanks god

best game ever !!!!

its kindda hard to download the game because of it screenshoot, seems like "another trash indie game", but because the game size is really small, i downloaded this game



and..., i tried playing this game, it really fun, so many stupid choice, so many joke arround, i laugh alone, this game is awwesome !!! but the play time is very short, its only take 3 minute to play this game. i hope the developer still develop this game and share this inonavtion to world !

this game is challenging and addictive .. !! cant wait to see the new update.. !!

it look like a simple game, but the level design, and some feature (ie : limited time, need to take all the gem to get 3 star, etc) make me have a lot of fun playing this game .this game also remind me with snake game, love the developer :)

btw can you add more music ?, its kinda bored to hear a looping music for a long period ...

also keki kelilin photo will be good :D