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I absolutely love this game! I notice there is an update installing so hope I haven't missed out on much from the video which I've just made :) I hope you like it! 

Great little game, I really enjoyed the graphics, nice job :)

It's beautiful, I had a wander around, nice job :)

Hi RogueDev

Some of my comments were actually things I was doing wrong, I didn't realise this until watching the video back, for example the way I was walking backwards and I discovered since playing more you can pause the game and use a bit of strategy to play. First time on a game is always about exploring and figuring things out, It a really fun game and I look forward to the update with new levels :)

Fantastic game, I really love it. As a noob I had some issues like moving forward, haha but looking back over the gameplay I had to laugh at my own stupidity. It is a lot of fun, great job!

This looks like a great game, can you please let us know when it will be available in English?

I think a scoreboard will be great as people are naturally competitive :) I love the update with easy and normal, it's much, much better to play on the easy, thanks for the update! I can see this being a really popular game! 

Hi Sirhaian WOW you really made a powerful statement with that game, you are a genuis! I finally got part 2 finished and published, I encountered many challenging areas throughout the game and hope my many cuts don't affect the video too much.

Unfortunately my game didn't have the ending I should have had and I was really quite upset I was unable to get back into the game to redo that scene, it was a clever move on your end there :) I was so eager to reach the end I ignored some very obvious warnings and I won't say anymore as I don't want to create any spoilers....

Thanks :)

Thanks for the fast reply :) I definately will give it another try. I love your analogies and the way you have  managed to capture the  deep places of depression. I really like the warnings as everyone responds differently however I truly think the game could actually be of great benefit to those currently going through those feelings. It's a personal journey and to be able to develop  a creative outlet and demonstrate in a way that perhaps those that have never experienced it, may actually understand.  Your a gifted man!

Hi Sirhaian

Firstly let me congratulate you on an amazing game, I found it very moving, intriguing and intense. I have reached a point where I seem to be stuck, I'm not sure if it's me or perhaps a bug in the game. It is at the part where it's all dark with lights saying 'do not fall, let the lights guide you' I spent ages trying to get through (mostly cut from the video). 

Another strange thing that happened was trying to exit the game, Alt F4 didn't work, alt/tab let me get out but then I couldn't close it even right clicking on the icon, in the end I had to force stop through the itch app. I'm running windows 10. 

Thanks for making a fun, challenging little game :) I love your sense of humour! I read on Cube Fight someone requested a video demo, here's one that I hope helps anyone out that doesn't know what to do or just wants to see some gameplay, I hope you enjoy it :)

Hi, I just tried this game however it opened up in a window and there were only 3 lines showing to match up symbols, I couldn't find any way to change the display and of course couldn't have the opportunity to riot as the button wasn't visible on the screen. I even tried dragging it up but that didn't help. I'm on windows 10 fyi.

I could go to the shop. When the start game screen came up, I selected a map, single player and play.... nothing happened. I tried different options and could freely move around that screen however the game didn't start. Hoping that helps give you more information.

Thank you, I look forward to replaying it :)

I was excited to try this however the game would not play for me. I used the Itch app to download it and it loaded the main screen. I will keep an eye out to see if anyone else is having issues.

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I haven't really played horror games before and found this genuinely creepy. Awessome work  and a fantastic game, the footsteps on the wooden floors and spooky eyes on the paintings.... I'd love to see more :)

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Good luck in the Winter Jam 2019! Marshmellow Day Spa is a beautifully designed game,  gorgeous graphics and music. I'd love to see an expansion on this. I made a short tutorial which I've shared on youtube:

I love the concept however really struggled to get a customer happy. I found 2 styles of coffee confusing as I didn't know which one they wanted. I understood the cup or the take away but found the clock went too fast. I was lucky to serve 3 or 4 before collapsing. The sound effects are awesome and I love the way the customers grunt at you :) Keep up the great work, I'll be following along and looking forward to playing more in the future .

Cute graphics however the game wouldn't start, no options to play :( I will check back on this one, keen to give it a go!

Great work,  great game! 

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Thanks for making such a high quality game!