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haha, I love this, great 'imagination'

My friend Expression Gaming shows how it's done properly :D I can see where I was making a huge mistake that was preventing me getting the fire out in the stairs. 

wow, that's great, I will definately have another go :) Thanks so much! I will let you know how I go.

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I really enjoyed the challenge of this game, the concept, graphics and sound effects were awesome. I made a video to share my progress :)

Oh and to the dev/s fantastic job for a 48 hour project, I didn't even realise that until I was putting my video on youtube. That's an awesome result!

Ahhhh, that's ok, I think that can be dealt with by going downstairs faster, I'm also trying to figure out how to fix the leaks, the shower doors don't really seem to open and I can never seem to find where the leaks are coming from. I hope I'm not filling this page with spoilers, please feel free to delete if it is!

This is a great game but very hard! I've been playing for a couple of hours and worked out part of the game (got to the third floor) but having issues with the leaks, any clues on dealing with the electrified water by chance?  

This was a great game, it did give me a few jumpscares and fairly had me running to try to keep those holes blocked before the police finally arrived.  I really enjoyed the challenge!

Hi Eggdog!

Thanks for responding :) I have a HP Pavililion laptop with the following specs:

Intel Core  7,  8550 cpu @180ghz, 16gb ram, windows 10

Graphics Nvidia Geforce MX150

I did try the mouse scroll to change weapons because that's how it worked in Filthbreed but it didn't work, that might have been me though, I will keep an eye for an update as I'd like to complete the game :)

Hi, sorry I had some issues with the game crashing, please see my video. It 'could' be from my end as I'm only on a laptop with the recording done on a tablet using OBS and Droid Cam. You can also see some lag issues with my recording although this has happened with some other games so I don't think that's to do with this game.

My other issue was completely stumped, I felt a bit lost as to where to go or what to do. I finally found and picked up a weapon but didn't know how to use it so basic instructions would have helped. I searched for the other keys for ages (cut scenes) and felt quite trapped.

Otherwise this was a good game, I definately got a taste of the horror and would be interested in replaying once I can sort out these issues.

I bought this game the day it was released (on steam), I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share this here but thought I'd try anyway as I'm doing a series based on this amazing game. This is not a game to be rushed through, there's so much to explore with awesome visuals and music. The characters all have their own unique personalities and add so much more to the storyline. I am completely in love with this game and cannot recommend it high enough if your considering buying it!

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:) your most welcome!!! I love trying out new games and was drawn to yours for the graphics. The small hills and plains hint was very interesting for me as I've never heard that saying before but that's the beauty of exploring new games. Even though the English wasn't perfect, the idea is there and it only needs a couple of small tweaks.  You did a great job, I really look forward to keeping up with your updates and new developments. 

Thanks for your lovely feedback, I really appreciate it <3

Really great game, very grimey and creepy. I'm not sure of your future plans but this would be great game extended.  I don't think I got all the endings but might go back for another round :)

I loved the graphics and sound effects in this game, my only negative feedback is to do with the introduction and use of English language. It doesn't flow as it should and there are several spelling errors. The ending was quite abrupt too and being able to interact with objects (and the parrot) would be a nice touch. Overall though it's a great game and credit to you. I've made a video to share on my channel :)

What a gorgeous game, I'm really enjoying it :) The only problem I had was the sound would come and go randomly otherwise it was such a pleasure to play! The graphics, animations, sounds and storyline are all so well put together, fantastic job!

I've made a short walkthrough video for ealy gameplay :) I hope you enjoy it 

Hi Anomalina

 Ah!!!  I'll have to go back to the video and take a look, I didn't see him :) I download games through the platform, not direct on the download links on the game pages so that doesn't actually come up with the option to pay.... and yes it's always nice to play the games first before making the decision. I am really looking forward to the full game !!!

Thanks for making such a beautiful game <3

I absolutely loved this game, the music was so relaxing and puzzles challenging, actually I made a mistake early in the game which I think caused me some problems but I loved it. I really wanted to see more of the fox and would have loved to have some interaction at the end with him / her as it seemed to be the premise of the game. I really hope you expand on this game, it was such a pleasure to play. Anomalina, I would also love to contribute 10 bucks to support you however I don't see any links or way to do that, can you point me in the right direction :)

I have linked my video which I've made as a walkthrough, I have shortcuts there for anyone that gets stuck on any part... :)

I found it a bit confusing as I've never played games like this one before, in saying that the learning curve came quick as did the jumpscares! It was a great game and I really enjoyed it.

I would definately love to see this game with more content. I really do appreciate the storyline and deeper message conveyed. I actually had to play it twice as I made a mistake :)

I really enjoyed this game and got a few scares :) I have one question, is it possible to beat the scarecrow? I tried for ages and couldn't get past the first altar but loved the challenge! Great job majik 5 stars!!!

I absolutely love this game! I notice there is an update installing so hope I haven't missed out on much from the video which I've just made :) I hope you like it! 

Great little game, I really enjoyed the graphics, nice job :)

It's beautiful, I had a wander around, nice job :)

Hi RogueDev

Some of my comments were actually things I was doing wrong, I didn't realise this until watching the video back, for example the way I was walking backwards and I discovered since playing more you can pause the game and use a bit of strategy to play. First time on a game is always about exploring and figuring things out, It a really fun game and I look forward to the update with new levels :)

Fantastic game, I really love it. As a noob I had some issues like moving forward, haha but looking back over the gameplay I had to laugh at my own stupidity. It is a lot of fun, great job!

This looks like a great game, can you please let us know when it will be available in English?

I think a scoreboard will be great as people are naturally competitive :) I love the update with easy and normal, it's much, much better to play on the easy, thanks for the update! I can see this being a really popular game! 

Hi Sirhaian WOW you really made a powerful statement with that game, you are a genuis! I finally got part 2 finished and published, I encountered many challenging areas throughout the game and hope my many cuts don't affect the video too much.

Unfortunately my game didn't have the ending I should have had and I was really quite upset I was unable to get back into the game to redo that scene, it was a clever move on your end there :) I was so eager to reach the end I ignored some very obvious warnings and I won't say anymore as I don't want to create any spoilers....

Thanks :)

Thanks for the fast reply :) I definately will give it another try. I love your analogies and the way you have  managed to capture the  deep places of depression. I really like the warnings as everyone responds differently however I truly think the game could actually be of great benefit to those currently going through those feelings. It's a personal journey and to be able to develop  a creative outlet and demonstrate in a way that perhaps those that have never experienced it, may actually understand.  Your a gifted man!

Hi Sirhaian

Firstly let me congratulate you on an amazing game, I found it very moving, intriguing and intense. I have reached a point where I seem to be stuck, I'm not sure if it's me or perhaps a bug in the game. It is at the part where it's all dark with lights saying 'do not fall, let the lights guide you' I spent ages trying to get through (mostly cut from the video). 

Another strange thing that happened was trying to exit the game, Alt F4 didn't work, alt/tab let me get out but then I couldn't close it even right clicking on the icon, in the end I had to force stop through the itch app. I'm running windows 10. 

Thanks for making a fun, challenging little game :) I love your sense of humour! I read on Cube Fight someone requested a video demo, here's one that I hope helps anyone out that doesn't know what to do or just wants to see some gameplay, I hope you enjoy it :)

Hi, I just tried this game however it opened up in a window and there were only 3 lines showing to match up symbols, I couldn't find any way to change the display and of course couldn't have the opportunity to riot as the button wasn't visible on the screen. I even tried dragging it up but that didn't help. I'm on windows 10 fyi.

I could go to the shop. When the start game screen came up, I selected a map, single player and play.... nothing happened. I tried different options and could freely move around that screen however the game didn't start. Hoping that helps give you more information.

Thank you, I look forward to replaying it :)

I was excited to try this however the game would not play for me. I used the Itch app to download it and it loaded the main screen. I will keep an eye out to see if anyone else is having issues.