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Oh I see. It goes inside the box though. I also have the glitch where the blue color that you get for leveling up is red instead of blue. I'm not complaining though I think it looks pretty rad that way

Is "You get into your own car and make your way to The Scientist's lair." the ending? I'm not getting any more options that let me continue

There's a glitch where the candle keeps moving. Also could you add the option to play the game in full screen?

There's a glitch where I can't put in my name. I'm using the browser version btw

The text was hard to read

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Beat the game on level 38 reply if you beat it with a higher level!

I tried this method and wow it's op

Can 2 players play this game?

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I can't scroll down on the chromebook. Do I need to use a mouse? 

Oh that helped! Thank you

I don't think I can play this game on Chromebook. It's not letting me drop things.

Yeah they say the same dialogue even if you get their orders wrong.  

Did you really just link a rickroll

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LOL me too i thought i was the only one who did that