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such a cute gameee

ooohhh, I loved it, I can't wait for the full version!

I wanna learn more magic but I cannot progress farther than witchling :c

yeah, I have the same issue. i want to learn magic, but I can't seem to get to that point

Heyyy, it's me again. I was playing in a route where I chose the bleeding hearts flower and when my daughter grew into an adult, I got this: (the image attached). I have the newest build so it seems that the file is still missing. pls let me know if there's something I can do or if you need to release an update with it fixed. I can wait, I just wanted to let you know that I found this error

thank youuuu <333

I encountered this while playing :c is there a way to fix it?

thank YOU for making the game!!! :D

yesss they're such a cute couple

OH MY GOD. I LOVEEE THIS GAME, it's amazing. the music is great and the sound effects are so crisp. the art and the animation at the end are incredible!!! I (sadly) related to Sara because I used to be a really paranoid person :c I got the second ending first and it was sooooo cuteeee, as a lesbian, I LOVED it, but I was like: I bet the other ending is gonna have some gore instead and be kinda creepy, I'm gonna get it now. I wasn't disappointed at all!!! though I didn't expect what happened. thank you so much for making this game <3

PS: Sara's lil lesbian flag bracelet is so cuteeee, I also have one that I made

OMG I LOVE THIS SOOOOO MUCH. this game is amazing, definitely one of my favorites~ I wanna be friends with all of them~ also, I LOVEEEE baseball, but never got to play in a real team because I didn't feel like I was good enough. I relate a lot to Diya (we have similar personalities) and to Min (because of our families). Thank you soooo much for making a game <3 As a lesbian baseball-lover, I LOVE this.

PS: I gotta confess that I kinda really ship Noelle and Akarsha hahsh

wowww this game is so beautiful, I love everything

this game was very sad but beautiful!!! I loved it <3 I hope they enjoy their time together as much as they can

wow.... this was a beautiful game. The end hurt so much, even though I kinda already saw it coming :( the art and music are amazing!

omggg this VN is amazing, I loved it soooo much. it made me want to have a gf :c I want to find love, have my first kiss, and... ugh, I'm a hopeless romantic. I deeply related to Max, so this game felt really special to me. thank you <3

thank youuuu :D thank you so much for making such an amazing, beautiful, and entertaining game <3 also, I'm choosing to ignore the question mark in the happily ever after because I WANT THEM TO LIVE HAPPILYYYY 

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ohhhh thanks, but oh gosh, I've already searched for another hidden path in the whole map, I can't find it *cry* if you want to, maybe you could tell me the general area

hmmm, apples, I'll keep picking up apples, then!

thank YOU for creating it!!!

1. ohhh, I will~ ;3

2&3.  oh, I'll tell you the quests I've cleared because what I'm missing is probably a quest. I've done Potion's ingredient request, Stolen necklace, Arrows restock, Lost child, Urgent ??? potions, snowfleake hunt, That one melody, and Secret potion mission. Also, the creatures I've met are Lavantula, Hermiitake (dark and bright),  Morning Goo, Morning Hue, Bumblebirdee, Cheercedar, Lurker, Mole, Snowfleake, Bitty, Salagator, Stumper. Quill-o-the-wisp, dreamcaptor, oworm, (the one i'm missing is positioned here on the creature list), Sirencer, And the Keeper

Maybe there's a secret area I havent found, but the only secret part I've seen is the one in the woods where I can enter only i n cat form and there's bittys that drop berries

thank youuu <3

I looooooved this game!!! My chosen name is literally aster hahahha

I love succubi, so I was so happy with this game. it was very very cute and it was nice getting to know rohan and aster. The character design is also great!!! thank you so much for making this game


I'm also Aster, I'm non binary

I'm hypersexual but with burnouts, I have no desire

and I had an Ace gf!!!

such a bug coincidence

this was such a beautiful game, I loved it. I love mythology, reincarnation, and wlw relationships, so this was perfect <3 it's also so beautiful aesthetically and the music is AMAZING. thank you so much

my lesbian ass is happyyy

OMG I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH. all the endings were amazing. I related so much to Mona and the topics the GLAM discussed were so interesting!!! I hope that someday, I'll get my college romantic story, just like Mona!

I LOOOOOVEEEE this game, it's beautiful <3333 the art is amazing and the story is so sweet, I loved it. I hope Erin and Ori will live happily~ as a lesbian, I love playing wlw games, it makes me so happy and hopeful that someday I'll have a gf! I'm a bit like Ori, and I'm 18 and still haven't had a formal relationship.

I LOVEEEEE THIS GAME!!! I finally finished it yesterday, the ending was beautiful! now I went back before the final battle to do all the quests, but I have a few questions.

1. In the ending, we get a "happily ever after (?)", what is that question mark supposed to mean?

2. There's a creature I still haven't discovered, apparently, and I don't know where to find it.

3. There's still a "troubled soul" I have to help, but I don't have any more quests available. I don't know where to find this being I have to help :c

thank you soooo much omg <3 I just sent the files

I really hope there's a solution to my problem :( I feel so stupid for never having saved in another slot. If the only way is doing it all over, then I guess I'm gonna have to leave the game and come back in some months. I've been playing during my few free time during this school year, so it took me like 4 months, and i don't want it to take me four more months to be able to finish. I'll just wait until vacation, so i can complete it in a week and not have to wait so much to see the end. I really want to see Violet and Honora get together :C

hi, I love this game, but I was about to finish and I saved in the same slot as all my other saves. I can't defeat the final boss (the fog) because I'm too weak. is there any way to somehow erase my last save, or to be stronger? I really wanna be able to finish the game without having to do it all over (It took me months to get to this point :c)