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door :D

scary ass cave 10/10

that was amazing


ha ha


game is weird and fun

reminded me of celeste and terraria for some reason lol


I've only played through a bit of the updated version but I love it already! It's such an improvement from the GMTK demo, and it really captivates the eye. Nice job!

Hi again!

I haven't played the new version yet but I'll be sure to play it when I have free time.  I'm so excited!

really nice and simplistic! are you going to update the game anytime soon?

Great game! I really liked the idea of this and the music just hits me right in the feels. It makes me want to cry but it's really awesome!!!

it took me a while, but i made it ;)

my tourists also got stuck here

you need to put the package into the mystery mac in the cafeteria

is it just me or is Bill Cipher on the food chart?

the name reminds me of episode 11 of Hilda when she gets lost in the forest and sends a tiny letter to her mom

This game is amazing!!! The name reminds me of the episode in Hilda where she gets lost in the forest, and she finds a cabin.

me too

cool game! but I experienced some lag while merging.

Awesome game!!! Really hope you make a sequel.

I think I'm the first to comment on this game. Something about this game just feels really nice--maybe it's the character design, the glitching effects or maybe just the game itself. Anyway,  I love this game and the vibe it gives off. Please make more levels! 

This game is the cutest

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this game is awesome, i think this game deserves more levels