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Thanks for your feedback!

"But I guess it still did its work on getting me to play" -> Mission accomplished. Jokes apart I really need to revamp the dice mechanic. I was hoping to make the game something of a difficult challenging and punishing platformer. Something like getting over it. I guess I have a long way ahead of me.

"Was the game supposed to have some rain effect?" -> Rain wasn't intended. It doesn't appear on my end so it's a little difficult to understand what exactly might be the problem.

"Requiring mouse for restarting wasn't great choice either" -> I did implement the selection by pressing ENTER but I should have written it down in the info. Sorry.

Thanks for your feedback! I have to balance out my game a little more. Or I could add another title to the Mario kaizo series ;P. As you liked the art/music I hope you check out the original creators : Art and Music

Thanks for your feedback! I used this spritesheet/artwork for my game. I think I need to work on balancing the game a little more.

Thanks! I am glad you liked the controls,  I saw a lot of videos for that. As for the dice mechanic I think I focused on the platformer aspect a little too much. You're right about the capsule collider. I was debating on whether using a rectangular collider or a capsule one, but I guess now I have my answer.

Hi! I used this character sprite and  Andrea's theme by Kevin Macleod as my background music. The two small ridges(on the left) were intended for quickly skipping the level as in the case one has died too many times, going through the first tutorial level would be a waste of time.

Nice game, I really like the concept but I have found some loopholes/bugs

  1. I am able to stand directly in front of the door and press space at the exact time to auto kill the "hero"s.
  2.  I am able to walk through the entry door :P

Bug Report

Level 1 : Player not dying if falling in the void directly below the green platforms

You have to push numbers and symbols to form an equation equating to the goal value. E.g. if your goal is 3, you can push the blocks 1,+ and 2 in either




format, which forms the equation 1+2, thus solving the puzzle and unlocking the next level.

I have put other stuff in more detail on the game page itself.


Spacewalk time baby!

(Bug report : Sat in Cockpit and bounced out while spamming A and D,and E, sorry didn't focus on the combination)

In first level you can keep switching between two npc's, that's one way to farm infinite points, not sure his stomach would agree

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Nice game, coincidentally I too published a very similar game 4 days ago, maybe we can work together in future ;)

Very Satisfying!

I am guessing you are storing the last moved direction to render the correct facing for the wolf, which might be the reason why while jumping the 'x' vector might be adding unnecessarily (had the same bug in my platformer) or something like that.

Jumping near cliffs become pretty risky😬

That was fun, can't wait for future gameplay :)

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This has a lot of Undertale like vibes, I am LOVIN it!, can't wait to see this blow up!

Edit : Remebering effects of different moves becomes difficult after sometime, is there some way to see it between battles?

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Hey, I did a small playthrough of your game. The sound effects are so satisfying and "Pick Code" feature was pretty creative (eventhough I need more brain power to understand that;)

Hey, I did a small playthrough of your game, i was pretty fun, wish I could do that in real life ;)

Hey, I did a little playthrough of your game. Ngl this was one of the most fun games I have played in a while!

Hey, I made a video about me playing your game. Looking forward to more levels ;)

Hey, I attempted a walk-through of your game. Kudos to you for making such an aesthetically pleasing game.

Hey I have written a short review for your game here:

Hey! I have written a short review on your wonderful game here

Hey, i have reviewed your game here :

Hey, i have done a game review of your work here:

I have written a small review blog here for your game :

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The big beetles can push you out of bounds if they push you while you are in a corner

In room three just stand in front of the top most beetle and it will push you out of bound

In you second last section on the map you have an egg and some kind of crystal which doesn't show on the legend, is it some hidden level?


Nice game, but first brown enemy gets stuck on one side(doesn't bounce back after collision with wall) and platform hitboxes let character stand way outside the real platform